Dislocated=detached possibly due to blow or pregnancy disruption or being run over slightly by a car

Pancreas=a place that sits under your rib cage sort of, an organ of the body that attaches to the Occipital lobe in the brain at the back of your head which connects to your eyeballs, a thing that feeds on Sugars and Selenium elements which are PLUS and then MINUS on the grove Body and brain part charts

:Neil Diamond=someone who sings, a musician, a male human who is pretty famous in the music industry

Python=a snake or serpent type of creature which precedes the rat in the evolutionary place or order of things, for instance a rat might be the offspring of a snake, and a snake might be the offspring of a tree root which is prolly why you might find a snake hanging out near its mother the tree lol

episode from Bondi Vet!=BONDI VET is a most excellent tv show series based in Australia at a animal pet hospital but he is very good-looking so he gets asked to go all sorts of interesting places to save animals’ lives including a diamond python who got slightly run over by a car and its gallbladder I think protrudes from its belly area so Dr. Chris puts a solution of Sugar & Water on it and the organ pops back into place astonishingly!!!

By this reasoning a displaced pancreas might pop back into place by use of a topical sugar water solution too?

If TYPE 1 or JUVENILE diabetes is caused by a displaced Pancreas then to put it back into its place could we ADD SUGARS instead of subtracting them from the diet???

Using N.I.D.I. non invasive diagnostic imaging, I observed the pancreas’ of several famous diabetic celebrities using usually beach photos surreptitiously-finding they all had pancreas in funny places-like not necessarily where you might think the pancreas was supposed to sit.

A lady at the DETOX MARKET helped me to figure this out, and her name is Kayla…Thank you.

Note: DIY IMAGING is located at https://www.diyimaging.com (NIDI.help link is not active currently due to covid economics sorry-will try to relink through Namespro.ca our name provider in Canada).

this image was taken off the internet then manipulated using NIDI to better describe how the pancreas appears to be dislocated or displaced in humans who claim to have been at the mercy of a condition typically called diabetes, or type 1 diabetes, or juvenile diabetes. used for educational purposes
Displaced Pancreas Mary Tyler Moore post 1977…alcohol…stress…abuse? Update: Pregnancy displacement possibly, normal station of pancreas is in Center approximately under bra area-this photo shows pancreas as moved over in the blue colour to the left side of the photo if viewing here-also oddly notice the scattered appearance of the blue colour-as if there are holes or defects or lesions in the pancreas itself? WHY? Is this from excess dancing? (2023/wed.oct.11 14:06 sari grove loose comment.