Caption: Voice file Sari grove talking into a El Capitan iMac desktop computer which is bigger than the 17 inch one…(27 ” maybe?) Using audio voicemail service record to email mp3 usually or mp4 maybe…About the picture with the head in it (title:Blowdryer)

SURGICAL intervention/surgery: Neurosurgery-+ …reference:salon Delineation (Indian scalp massage pulls hair at brain stem)-Parietal lobe(lungs & lymph nodes, muscles) & Motor cortex(blood stream, thymus)…WARNING dangerous: if you selectively pull at strands of hair you can pull the worm out of the head, which is called a brain tumour(encysted cyst is a curled up worm though sometimes they come to the surface dead on their own, if you have done your homework/crack cocaine is a dangerous again…)

Easier safer method is BLOWDRYER hair=radiotherapy or tanning salon…

Why does molybdenum always show up when Lead is present? (Molly denim it is pronounced)(aka Moli-bden-um in ChineseMedicine Gender Yin)