Sari Grove long weekend...Monday August 1st, 2016
Sari Grove long weekend…Monday August 1st, 2016

I’m an artist…I developed some new ideas in medicine…So I wrote a book about that…Amazon said I should let people read it for free because I needed word of mouth authenticity…So I did & thousands showed up to read…Encouraged…I continued & now have 9 books…They are on Amazon, but I leave them free on my blog…In the middle of book 3, I got a lump in my breast…Book 3 was supposed to be about how to avoid surgery if you absolutely possibly could…Then I got the lump & wow…Decided this was some sort of a test…Anyways, the book became about me trying to cure cancer…At the end, I did make a huge discovery…But I did end up writing 5 more books, as I progressed in my knowledge…After being abused & mistreated by a mammogram, an ultrasound, a biopsy, & a rude oncologist, I went rogue Easter 2014…I spent my full time trying to solve this problem…No surgery, no chemo, no radiation, no tamoxifen…Hmm…So I developed my own DIY Diagnostic Imaging so I could track what all the supplements I was taking did…Over time, I refined the process…Started sharing with others…Started doing edits for people who couldn’t do the editing themselves…Now people send me pictures & I edit them to see size, chemistry & presence or not of cancer…But you can do that yourself too…The pop-up window on my blog has links to instructions & more info about anticancer…(background:My Dad was a neuro-opthalmological surgeon who taught doctors as well & wrote textbooks…My mum came from religious leaders/intellectuals/artists-It is my mum’s fierce charitable ethic that gives me morality…My husband is the grandson of an Oxford educated soldier/scholarship war time physician…His mum was the highest paid computer programmer in Canada…His family are kind of famous for adopting 6 severely disabled children-they were the first here to adopt a child with Down’s syndrome…This was all after they had their own biological children…Anyways…I am sort of a hybrid…Joseph helps me-mostly by doing laundry, litter boxes, housework & listening to me bounce new ideas…Our newest favorite tv program is Bondi Vet(you wouldn’t believe what they are doing in Cancer treatment with animals in Australia! The dolphin who got the Nitric Oxide shot to ablate the mouth tumour, the horse who got chemotherapy beads inserted after eye tumour removal! Dr. Chris Brown is the vet’s name-SASH is the small animal specialist hospital…Must see!)…Oh here (Message me a picture if you want me to edit for you)…
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