Optic Neuritis & Multiple Sclerosis…

Optic Neuritis is correlated with

Multiple Sclerosis,

so if you treat it that way,

with high dose Vitamin D3(50,000 IU per week),

high dose Vitamin C,

Boiled Ginger root tea often,



Fruit, you might be able to prevent further progress & maybe even reverse symptoms if you start right away…

Also I’d cut out

red meat



MS is associated with

Lead poisoning so a

heavy metal detox would be useful…

(Ginkgo Biloba,

Butcher’s broom,



top 3 heavy metal chelators)…

MS responds to high dose Vitamin D3, vitamin C, sunshine, fruit diets, light therapy, even tanning beds…Ginger root, Galangal( ginger family), Ginseng…

Mrs. Sari Grove (sounds like Mary) 

About me: I like to run very very slow but far on trails... I invented a way to check for cancer from a selfie... I have been married to the same guy for 25 years now... I run a Facebook group called DIY Cancer Repair Manual... I started an online school called the Nidi Academy... Nidi stands for Non-Invasive Diagnostic Imaging... I live in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, & was born here... If you need help with the DIY Imaging, you can Messenger me privately with a photo from your Facebook account-it is easier for both of us to chat that way, & not as anonymous as email! Sari sounds like Mary... So, I am, Sari Grove (Mrs.) ps. I am much older than I look(It's a canadian thing-not much sun!)-I am in my 50s...

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