Quick update: So…I ended up purchasing a Portable Cold Laser therapy device in order to treat the inflammation in my sprained finger that I still cannot straighten…How is this relevant? Turns out, portable cold laser therapy devices are proven( clinical trials) to work wonders on Lymphadema!!! ( that horrible swollen arm phenomenon that can occur post lymph node removal & or mastectomy or even after lumpectomy…) I mention this because I notice some of our newest members are having lymphadema issues…Also: Did you know that the stuff that they inject you with for a CT scan or a head & chest scan or a bone scan, also contains histamines? They will tell you it is an Iodine dye…Sounds innocent right? But when I checked the molecular formula of these so called Iodine dyes, I found histamine molecules…What does this mean? It means that not only can these dyes cause a reaction, they can also feed the very thing you are trying to kill…Don’t casually agree to any of these scans unless you really need to know…They are not as non- invasive as you are told…Even holding in that huge amount of water, for the bone scan, may be something that overburdens your liver later on…Water you say? Isn’t that being a bit paranoid? My husband did a frivolous bone scan for an ankle complaint , & soon after presented with shingles…Why? We think it had to do with his “wet” Liver( Chinese medicine uses a wet Liver description to describe a Liver that is already Hydrogen burdened…In Oxygen deficit)…Someone who is Her2+ has a wet liver…Someone who ( used to) drinks alcohol daily has a wet Liver…A Hydrogen burdened liver will be burdened by ingesting & holding in large amounts of water ( more Hydrogens)…Was the bone scan what tipped his already wet Liver over the edge? ( Shingles can be treated with the Oxygen family of elements: B17, Apricot seeds, milk thistle, arsenicum album homeopathic Boiron, dandelion root & greens, burdock, Kiver cleanse recipes, ozone, hyperbaric Oxygen, eucalyptus oil, fresh air)…Well, the bone scan didn’t give him shingles…But it predisposed him to be more tasty to Liver flukes…& his drinking didn’t help matters…The point is: Be careful about all these scans…The dyes they inject you with are not just iodine based…Histamines can be dangerous when cancer is present…Ps. http://grovecanada.ca/diy-diagnostic-imaging/ This post tells you how to do your own diagnostic imaging…( I do need to update the files there, but you can still figure stuff out as I have been told by keeners…)The new DIYImaging site is being built as we speak by a genius developer in New York named Daniel Fredriksen, & he has 3 teams of elves( developers) working to make the DIY Imaging edits Way simpler!!! This will revolutionize imaging! In the meantime, try to learn the basics if you can…Take it slow & anyone can do this…One more thing: Fear causes lactic acid to buildup, which is why when you see doctors, you always seem to test way worse than you thought you were doing…( Lactic acid=Calcium=Tumour size)…So stop going to these appointments frivolously…You know they screw you up…Just get better!!! This message is for us folks who get their panties in a bunch just thinking of what is going to happen at an appointment…If you are someone who comes home depressed as heck after each diagnostic or oncology appointment, then stop beating your head against this wall…Use experts when you need them & stay far away when you don’t…I am not anti- Western or anti-drug…I am anti-cancer! ( sounds like aunty cancer doesn’t it? Ok now I am getting ridiculous)…Go for your very far outdoor slow walks…Eat your raw plant based foods…Be intelligent about doing antiparasitics! Don’t be afraid to try kooky modalities that are fun!( acupuncture, moxibustion, hydrotherapy colonics, zapper machines, essential oil massages)…Enjoy the sunshine & know that the sun does Not cause cancer…Be smart & complicated & very thorough about your Herbs & supplements & don’t rely on just one basket to put your eggs in…( cannabis oil is not the only thing you are going to need to do!!!) Try try try to make peace in your love relationships…Don’t think for a minute that you have to be rich to cure cancer…Have faith in yourself…If you are stuck, don’t be embarrassed to do something conventional…There is no shame in a do it yourselfer asking for help…Some people actually do benefit from chemo, radiation, surgery, hormone blocking drugs, & so on…Some people don’t…Sometimes it turns out to be a weird mix of alternative & conventional…If you think black salve pictures are scary, you should see the pictures of people who Didn’t use black salve & they should have!!!