Epilepsy & other seizure disorders…

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Basic info about Natural ways to treat seizure disorders?

For seizure disorders, there is high dose melatonin ( Circadin made in Israel) which replaces that lost nutrient in the Pineal gland…Over time, as it loads, it corrects the deficiency…Interestingly, activated charcoal also works in that same place- which is why a daily black smoothie which would include a generous dose of activated charcoal would significantly ease the seizing over time…As a nutritional bonus to the daily smoothies, ( thank you Dan Webb), add several raw eggs( & a banana for taste)…The raw eggs will help repair frayed brain
Pathways from previous seizing…Indium drops ( from Germany) also replace lost pineal nutrients & are used in Germany for epilepsy…Salt, a very simple thing( though choose the best one), is a quite basic necessity for those who seize…Add salt to the diet…( The pink Himalayan kind is usually the one)…Restricted diets often cause more seizing, so allow the person to eat freely as they please…Let their body decide what they feel to eat…The stress of diets & restrictions make seizing frequency worse…

More about the biochemistry of epilepsy?

Seizure disorders affect the Pineal gland…Often vaccinations contain substances in the Fluorine family that do prevent some major diseases, but sometimes cause deficits in children who are already predisposed…Fluorine & Bismuth( charcoal) are opposites…Which is why supplementing with charcoal helps these children…It replaces the lost nutrient…It helps with the insomnia, the diarrhea, & especially the seizures long term…Charcoal is a mild medicine however, so it must be taken daily long term…Melatonin & Indium are in the same family but stronger…Layer those in…Salt is a precursor to Fluorine- so by adding salt, it prevents the Fluorine from activating into a seizure…Of course all Fluoridated water & toothpastes must be avoided…Detox type supplements as well…Epilepsy is a syndrome of lack- these are people who need more…Which is why restraining on any food is dangerous…( even so called junk or fast foods- they do better if they gain weight actually- let them eat as they please…)

But how to get my child to drink a Black smoothie?

Oh Lord it is so Goth! Every girl wants a black smoothie! Along with black lipstick & black nails…Of course the whole family will have to all drink one too…Get a decent Blender stick…Get any activated charcoal powder…( It is really all the same, I mean you can get picky over time, but just get Some now)…Banana…Maybe some dates…Orange juice…Start with 1/2 a tablespoon, more if you can sneak it in…Some ice…Throw in a couple of raw eggs…Blend…Now drink this yourself…It will be pretty delicious…If everyone drinks it at the table it will be a family thing…By the way, the everyone does it thing works very well here…Everyone takes melatonin…Everyone takes Indium drops…The reason is that everyone in your family probably has similar predispositions…So by everyone participating it not only makes it a family effort, it helps biochemically too…It will also help you to know what things feel like to take…

Mrs. Sari Grove (sounds like Mary) 

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