The new improved Grove Body Part Chart with Valences & a Gender row with Molybdenum & Boron!

idiotica.pdf (here is a small pdf file of the chart, you can download & print if you want-I named it idiotica because after I published this post & sent out a newsletter, I discovered I had reversed the order of the numbers in the Plus elements so this post didn’t actually make sense…I have now corrected the chart & the numbers & replaced the files, but that is how the file got that name…My husband prefers the more simple term “moron” when I screw up basic things…It has now become affectionate after all these years & when I hear “Moron” in a Mall I run to my husband…The things you do for love!)


Grove Body Part Chart

12 Body Parts

12 MINUS elements

12 Plus elements

Minus elements detoxify

Plus elements feed

Minus elements get STRONGER as you go DOWN the page

Plus elements are STRONGEST at the TOP of the page & get WEAKER as you go down

Minus elements tend to be dominant in females

Plus elements tend to be dominant in males

All Elements are from the Periodic Table of Elements

Elements REPRESENT families of things in the real world

Read our BOOKS for free on this site or download them free from Smashwords to understand the chart better & to see how it applies to real world things & illnesses…

The Books are not free on Amazon because Amazon has to get money back for the Paper & the Ink-we however do NOT make a profit if you buy one of the paperback or Kindle versions of the book there

Talking points:

"I just added Molybdenum 
to my Grove Body Part Chart!

Then I have 24 elements which represent
 24 chromosomes...(most
literature will tell you only 23, but I 
threw one extra in for good

Molybdenum's partner & opposite in Valence 
I decided is Boron...

They live together in the row I call "Gender"

So a man would be Molybdenum dominant...

A woman, Boron dominant...

Both genders have the other element as
 a recessive gene...

neat eh?

My books began from this Chart...

Book 1 explains how it works...

In simple terms:

Each body part has 2 elements that live together
 as opposites...

If they are in balance, you have health...

Illness is merely an imbalance, that can be 
corrected by discovering
what is extra or missing...

adding one element will lower its opposite element...

Minus elements detoxify, Plus elements Feed...

All elements are from the periodic table-I
 explain in the books where to
source them in the real world...




***Someone named J. Carpenter wrote a brilliant review of a book(Breaking The Habit of Being Yourself: How to Lose Your Mind and Create a New One, by Dr. Joe Dispenza), which included the following excerpt:" the Wright Brothers were bicycle repairmen who were also printers and that they never took a single university-level (or any formal) course on aerodynamics; Hedy Lamarr was an Austrian actress, who with George Anthiel, a composer, developed a "Secret Communications System" to help combat the Nazis in World War II. Michael Faraday, a man who with no formal education worked in a bookshop and yet revolutionized our understanding of electricity; William Herschel was a German musician who discovered Uranus and several moons with a home-made telescope ridiculed by scientists; Donald G. Harden was a high-school teacher, not a cryptologist or criminologist, who cracked the code of the Zodiac Killer--an unknown murderer who terrorized the San Francisco area in the 70's, attacking couples in secluded areas, and George Mendel was an uneducated monk who discovered how genetics work." I add this excerpt, to remind people that yes indeed, artists can innovate in medicine...& so on... Joseph & Sari Grove are a married Canadian couple who also happen to work together...They are both artists who have focussed their attention on innovating in Medicine...Their 9 book series is called Grove Health Science, & it is based on an idea called The Grove Body Part Chart...The Chart simplifies the body into 12 body parts, & identifies the 2 elements in each part that live together, detoxifying or repairing...This groundbreaking theory serves as the basis for unravelling the tangled web that medicine & pharmaceuticals & nutraceuticals have become, into a single comprehensible thread...The books build one upon the other, leading up to the 9th book, DIY Cancer Repair Manual, which serves DIYselfers & practitioners alike...Highlights include DIY diagnostic imaging at home to look for malignancies, tumour size & biochemistry-all just with a camera & a computer & an internet March 23rd, 2017:There are now 11 (ELEVEN) books! p.p.s.We request equal rep by pop by gender (1:1 ratio female:male)in all sports stadiums in Canada, as apology for the pole comment made to Dianne Watts MP!

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3 thoughts on “The new improved Grove Body Part Chart with Valences & a Gender row with Molybdenum & Boron!

  1. Sari

    Possibly they mean that Graviola might not accidentally kill you, unlike Chemo, which seems to do that every once in a while, which really skews the statistics, so maybe the ad is true!!! (If 10,000 people die every once in a while from chemo, then graviola wins by 10,000 times…I should have been a mathematician!)

  2. Sari

    Bloodroot is a very strong thing…I’d say drug, because it is drug strength…I think it is something you use if you know you have a problem & have already tried other weaker solutions…The problem with very strong things is you can do alot of damage to your body…The element from the Periodic table that bloodroot lines up with is Manganese…Manganese things lower iron levels which is very useful in cancers of the blood…The herb Mugwort(Artemisinin, or Artemisia Vulgaris-it has different names) is also a Manganese family element but it is much safer…Japanese medicine uses Mugwort extensively for Cancer treatments including Moxibustion…(they burn the Mugwort on your skin where the problem is)…Dr. Reckeweg of Germany uses Apis in his formulations which is actually from bees…Bees are naturally Manganese…A bee sting will lower Iron levels too…Nuts are Manganese…But I have not taken the bloodroot capsules myself…I looked at them on ebay & decided they were too scary…So my opinion needs a grain of salt added to it…Flaxseed oil is another Manganese…

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