“My mum had a lumpectomy years ago, before it was normal…They were doing mastectomy…She refused…Afterwards she got radiation & that was all…She was fine with it…So, I cannot really say negative things about radiation, except for the fact that it really depends where you go & who does it & how they do it…I have seen people get burns & worse & do really poorly & that is just awful…if done carefully & in moderation & in the very best facility you can find with the very best radiologist, it seems to keep things at bay…My mother spent all of her money on personal trainers & gyms over the years(until the present which is a very long time) & that was how she did that…Her body is fantastic from all the working out…But she did have a new primary(probably because she did not really modify her diet that much), & had another lumpectomy…Then she decided that the appearance was not great & she could not do more radiation, did not want chemotherapy, so she decided to have a prophylactic mastectomy with natural reconstruction from her belly with a tummy tuck at the same time…Again she had the finest plastic surgeon doing this extensive natural reconstruction…She looks beautiful & her tummy is small finally too…So, it is possible that the radiation was not really sufficient to clean up her whole system…But it did help for many years…I have noticed that some people do well with some treatments & some people do not…So it seems to be that not all radiation is good & not all chemo or surgery or drugs are good…Nor are they bad…It is who is giving or doing them , how well it is done, where you go, how dosages are adjusted…Low dose tamoxifen can be useful…Some people react badly to CT scan dyes…Some do not…Some Ct scan technicians use higher amounts of radiation-the scan machine is new & very very strong…Some machines are older, some are weaker, the imaging may not be as good, but you get less radiation…In canada, where it is cold 6 months of the year & people are cold & live in the dark, radiation is not really a fear…In a hot climate, where sunshine & heat is abundant, radiation may be dangerous…Vitamin D3 is found in sunshine & radiation…Vitamin D3 is an antiparasitic, & removes lead from the body…So radiation is useful for very hard to treat cancers where the parasite is feeding off of Lead…Melanoma for example…The sun does not cause cancer, what it does is it detoxes the body, forcing deep problems to rise up to the surface…People with melanoma for example, have underlying deep problems, deep into the bone, that rise up to the skin level…The sun brings it up away from internal organs…But they associate the sun to the cancer & blame the sun…In fact it is only when they see the skin cancer that they start cleaning up their lives…So this was a blessing in disguise…I don’t think radiation is bad, but in excess, like anything else it can cause problems…Radiation can cause problems if it is so strong that it actually lacerates the skin…Put too much citrus essential oil on your armpits & you may get a cut…Citrus essential oils act like the sun too…But they can actually cut through the skin…if they cut & create a wound, the body rushes in to repair the wound, sending calcium & iron & maybe even some phosphorus…Now you have a new lump…This is how excess radiation can be dangerous…Excess radiation can also cause bipolar symptoms which will land you in the psych ward…Thyroxine drugs act like radiation too-so be careful when you start getting manic, spending too much money, talking incessantly…You are overdosing…I had a brain Ct scan in January…It went fine…I don’t think I had any side effects from the scan itself…But it was winter…It was to check on a concussion…Not for cancer…But they did mention no brain metastases, which I had not known they would do…I didn’t think there were any anyways…But I guess it was nice to know…The aloe type thing they injected me with here to enlarge my brain blood vessels I think allowed some toxins into my brain that might not have gotten there…I did a detox right away after because I got scared about that…Aloe can act like cholesterol in the body, so a Boswellia capsule will help afterwards…Each person is different & unique, so you cannot really make a blanket statement about whether or not radiation or CT scans are good or bad…If you suspect a brain tumour, that may be the only way to see…On the other hand, if you suspect a stroke, the additional radiation from the computed tomography(many many pictures strung together), can make a stroke situation worse(broken blood vessel)…I usually like to treat for worse case scenarios without doing extensive diagnostics if possible…if it looks like a duck & walks like a duck & sounds like a duck, it probably is a duck…Avoid hospitals & imaging labs & doctors as much as possible, because transmission of disease can happen in all these disease ridden centres…ie: You catch all sorts of things when going in to a hospital or cancer centre or imaging lab…Not to mention the negative vibe from people who see death & doom all day long…Doctors get sick too-that should be enough of a warning to stay away…”