Update:”In fact, there are several other body parts not seen by the three editors…In this chart, there are 12 body parts…Gender is the prostate in men & skene’s gland in women by the way…The MINUS column is how you detox each body part one by one…Each element in the Minus column represents all sorts of things in the real world…If M. starts at the bottom, with Boron, & works her way up, she will be able to make sure each body part is covered…” Sari Grove ps. You start at the bottom & go backwardsdetoxbecause a lump mimics the human body in structure:The human body begins with Lead the bone skeleton, & then blood Iron, & all the way down the PLUS elements on the chart, to Bismuth the under skin, & Molybdenum the upper layer that sits on the very surface of the body…So when trying to dissolve a lump, you have to attack the outer layer first…Start with Boron, which dissolves the Molybdenum…Work your way UP the Minus elements, so that the last thing you do is to dissolve the innermost part of a lump, the Lead skeleton…(Note:Not all lumps are this complicated-but if you follow the process, you will make sure to hit the right spots in the right order…Trying to dissolve the inner Lead with Zincs like Vitamin C right at the beginning might not work…Why? because the outer layer has to be removed first…)



Comment(about the pdf):”Boron, or Small flowered Willowherb, or Borax diluted in water, is an excellent way to clean Skene’s Gland the female prostate…It is an anticancer element…It will not make cancer worse…On the contrary, it will improve the odds…The link is complex that is for sure…It is theory that I have been developing, but it is not fully formed yet as to how to apply it…It is a work in progress still…I often publish things early because people are in a rush…If you ask me what you don’t understand, I could maybe explain that part…Essentially, it is an analysis of what a lump might be made of, in terms of the order of elements…Like the human body, bone in the middle, skin on the outside…So if you want to get rid of a lump, you might have to approach it in a sensible order…If the lump is like the human body, then you might want to start with things that dissolve skin first…Like Boron…If you start with things that dissolve bone first, then maybe your plan won’t work as well…because bone is in the middle…Many people begin with Vitamin C (intravenous or oral)…Which does dissolve bone theoretically…But that medicine might be obstructed by skin at the outer layer, which doesn’t respond to that class of drug/herb…So maybe the Vitamin C should be last not first…That is the thrust of the post…But in practice how to apply the idea? How to take the medicine? One day this, the next day that? or one week this, the next week that…& so on for 12 weeks? Maybe…That is the next step…Figuring how to apply the theory…Feel free to contribute…”





(Biography chatter:from my Author Central page on Amazon-Grove Health Science is a series of 12 books now!) Hi...I'm Sari Grove...Sari sounds like Mary...Grove is the last name I took from my husband, 'cause it is a really nice name, & he was very very good looking, & I married him, & my maiden name, the name I grew up with, was "Slatt", which could be turned into all sorts of unfortunate words, which is why when I was looking for a mate, I sought someone with a cool last name...(I cannot tell you how many totally worthy men I had to ignore due to their last names being unmelodic or otherwise unsuitable...) Grove Canada is a pen name, mostly because when I needed a web address, I could not get Grove.com or even grove.ca, so I just got GroveCanada, due to a serious lack of imagination in that moment...It stuck, so I still use it...I thought this time, if I used Grove Canada as a pen name, that maybe you might look up my blog online, at GroveCanada.ca, & enjoy the freshness of getting information from the horse's mouth, up to the minute, rather than the instant obsoleteness that a book creates...Like a car depreciates as soon as you buy it-a book is old as soon as it is published...For a Virgo perfectionist, this inability to easily update, with a new chapter, with new research, causes me constant worrisome self-abnegating, consternation... I use those dot dot dot things, the etcetera symbol, at the end of my sentences, as a habit-you will always know it is me writing, you will always pause at the end of a sentence to think for a moment, you will remember that poetry is beautiful, & you will take everything I say with a giant grain of Pink Himalayan salt(since the grammatical error will irk you into that state of skepticism)! Love & Hugs, Sari ps. I became a Christian at the age of 21, which may seem like a non sequitur, & though my faith is decent my works may not really do justice to that title-but I thought I'd mention it, since my first name Sari always seems to force an assumption about my background-and though you would be right to assume that it tends to be a Jewish name, you might not be right in assuming that that is what I am going to sound like when I expound on some of my karmic principles or other ethical compasses I have developed...Not that I have done away with my past, it is just I have iced the cake with the new updated version-so if you wrong me, I may just turn the other cheek(New), instead of doing the eye for an eye thing back at you!(old)...

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