Sunsafe RX sunscreen you eat(& is good for your skin)(Makes your skin look pretty & keeps you from burning)

Pranin B smoothie boosters breakfast in a hurry add a banana & some juice & blend!(Contains Moringa Oleifera!)

Mozy Q bug repellent you eat(all herbal!)(it works!)

Fused Instant Coffee by Rain( has added antioxidants!!!)(no jangly jitters!)put it raw into your smoothie to avoid the milk dilemma)

Spanish Saffron 1 ounce tin-eat it raw to lose water weight(Saffron is a diuretic & Cleans the LIVER!)

Australian Gold Bronzing dry oil SPRAY !Tanning Intensifier(in the sun for 5 minutes & you see great colour!)

Wella No-Ammonia hair colour (Cosmetic World at Yonge & Bloor)(for first gray hairs-mix with hydrogen peroxide “10”)for doit yourselfers who don’t want their gray hairs to show…NO AMMONIA means no frizzies… Dr. Chris Brown is the vet behind BONDI VET television show! Watch it!!!!(ON CBC is Toronto, Ontario, Canada-filmed in Australia)


Mutant Branch Chain Amino Acids BCAA (at Popeyes)