What did I do when I got Cancer?


My DIY chemo was:

1/3 cup Licorice root( Coppers eat estrogens/Phosphorus which cancer feeds on), 1/3 cup Mugwort( Manganese eats Iron which is a component of benign & malignant tumours), 1/3 cup Madagascar Periwinkle( Iodine or Vinpocetine is used in real chemo & eats Calcium which shrinks the size down)…

I did 50, 000 iu per week Vitamin D3…


Bloodroot capsules…

Two Feathers black salve internally & topically( will resume in the fall when summer bikini weather is over here)…

Hepa Plus by Usana( for Oxygens, Liver)…

Apricot kernels ( Oxygens),

Camu Camu powder,

Raw plant based diet based on Helen Hecker’s book https://grovecanada.ca/wp-content/uploads/2016/03/22My-Raw-Food-Diet-Cure22.pdf ,

Walking 10 km a day( if I was able),

Boron( you can also take small flower Willowherb for Boron),

Fluorine( gargles with fluorine mouthwash but you can take Moringa Oleifera for fluorine),

Magnesium( oral & regular Epsom salts), Cannabidiol ( didn’t do much for me but not negative),


Lymph detox salve http://www.anarreshealth.ca/product/deodorant-detoxifying-cream,

Opoponax( Myrrh family),

Potassiums ( stevia is a potassium by the way, as is Xylitol, as are Hawthorne berries & Graviola),

Hemp oil & hulled hemp seeds,

Apple cider vinegar,

Ruby luxe infrared lightbulbs,

Moxibustion treatment,

blood cupping,


lymph detox massage,



Liquid kelp & seaweeds,

Japanese food & fish & seafood when I had to cheat ( B12 deficient after 6 months raw)….

Garlic pills &

pancreatic enzymes & sriracha sauce,

Plenty of oils,

horseradish mustard,

suntanning with coconut oil,

tanning salon visit in winter when I had pneumonia,

coffee & tea & cold brew coffee & (Fused instant Coffee by Rain)

plant caffeines( green powders),

Pranin B powder( guava, lemon, spirulina, chlorella, holy basil),

Heavy metals Defense powder( health ranger store)…

I had IDC Easter 2014…3.5 cm lump…

6 months later, with my own imaging, https://grovecanada.ca/nidinon-invasive-diagnostic-imaging/ I felt it was benign…

But I continued, to make sure any circulating cells were killed- but I was more relaxed after 6 months…

It is now 2 & a half years later, & I have a benign lump that I will try again to eject this fall with that Two Feathers black salve…

It is able to pull up a benign lump- unlike the other black salves( which I did try)…

I tracked my ideas & research along the way on my blogs & in some of my books( free on my site at https://www.grovecanada.ca)…I also leaned on people in my small group called DIY Cancer Repair Manual…

I may have missed things- I tried so many- I am mostly noting the things which were solidly good…

Things I forgot to mention I will add here:

Castor oil( drank it!)



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