From Sari Grove:I was able to identify each Patch from by smell…However, there was some discrepancy in the names on each envelope & what was inside…Some of the envelopes had 3 names on it, which is why I was trying to sort out which was which, as related to the Grove Body Part Chart…

In the course of applying each patch (on the first night, I applied one of each Patch-which was one small transparent looking ball with medicine inside, then you stick that onto the middle of a circular bandaid type thing & apply it)…

So while that was happening, Jadzia, one of our intact female bengal cats strolled over, & was VERY interested in the bags of balls…

Which made me think that perhaps mice were used in the creation of these patches…(either that or just that tiny balls that smell good were interesting)…

This was my first impression on “First Night”…

p.s.One of the bags of balls has gone missing…I suspect Jadzia or my husband…(My husband’s family in Ottawa had a pet rat the first time I met them…So I am guessing they have a fondness for the mouse family too…)

Squirrel Moore Park Ravine
Squirrel Moore Park Ravine;I like!

Here are my first impressions by smell:

energy enhancer Ca Calcium (milk progesterone smells like) Creme Fraiche/sour milk but not sour…fresh milk de  Normandy check

energy enhancer Al Aluminum (cinnamon smells like) check (same label as the Calcium one beware) checked

Icewave O2 Oxygen (eucalyptus like) check

Icewave Au Aurum Gold (Clam juice like) same label as Oxygen one checked

Silent nights Bi (melatonin) Bismuth family charcoal (check)

Y age Aeon huile(oil) C carbon (this one is labelled glutathione carnosine aeon-be careful…)check

Y age Aeon Se Selenium (garlic hot chili pepper) (same label as carbon check)

Silent Nights N Nitrogen (wood fibre smell) same label as Bismuth check

Meat Fe chicken (Iron) Y age carnosine (Y age same label as Selenium-chicken is in fact a meat check)

Sp6 complete=Zn family Zinc (Vitamin C) smell (same label as Fe iron check-Zinc is in fact the opposite to Lead Pb Plumbum which is Red Meat beef check)

Envelope says on it: Ti “Y age” glutathione carnosine YAeon– Cloves smell Titanium Thiamine(I feel they are calling Titanium “Carnosine”) same label as Zinc, Titanium is like in Cloves , this does smell like Cloves, like “Miror EPF'(see blog) another antiparasitic, Aluminum cholesterol is its opposite found in Eggs)

Iodine “Y age” glutathione carnosine YAeon smell Lugol’s Iodine (nurses UTS) Io Iago(I feel they are calling Iodine Glutathione)this has the same label as the Titanium, the Aeon seems to point to Iodine Io…check

Manganese: SP6 Complete is a green package booklet folder-Green does connote the gren of nuts or peanuts growing on a plant…check

Comment((here is where I got a little confused):

Ok, so there is some confusion on the naming of these Patches…

Glutathione Should be a Magnesium…(or Mercury, & in the Gallbladder)

Carnosine which refers to meat, which usually refers to red meat or Beef should be either Zinc or Lead…

YAeon seems to be Iodine which makes sense the AEO beginning etymologically speaking reminds of Iodine…(but also relates to calcium in the Adrenal Gland)…

Lifewave has Calcium as an Energy Enhancer which is true…

Lifewave also has Aluminum as an Energy Enhancer(like cinnamon) which is also true…-Aluminum like cinnamon also heal muscle tissue…

Let’s recheck from scratch(from smelling the balls in the bags, the medicine directly):

Red envelope Calcium Ca energy enhancer smells like buttermilk

Yellow envelope Titanium says Y-age Glutathione smells like Cloves

Yellow envelope Iodine says Y-age Glutathione smells like Iodine

Green envelope says SP6 Complete smells like Manganese almonds marzipan

Baby blue envelope says Y-age carnosine smells like Zn Zinc ginger

 Baby Blue envelope says Y-age carnosine smells like meat Fe Iron (chicken usually)

Red envelope says energy enhancer smells like Aluminum cholesterol (eggs usually)

Silver envelope grey says icewave smells like eucalyptus (Oxygen usually)

Silver envelope says icewave smells like Au Aurum (fish usually)(clam juice)

Purple envelope says silent night smells like Bi Bismuth(charcoal usually)

Purple envelope says silent night smells like N Nitrogen (Beets usually)

Blue envelope darker says Y-age Aeon smells like C carbon (olive oil usually)

Blue envelope darker says Y-age Aeon smells like Garlic Se Selenium usually…

Ok here is what is missing from the Patches…

Lead Pb Beef

Potassium K Hawthorn

Sulphur sugar cane plant Jamaica georgia

Hydrogen ice water H

Copper Cu Licorice root Ginkgo Biloba Coffee bean tea herb green black

Phosphorus P cheese probiotics Kefir yogurt

Magnesium Mg epsom salts exercise

Mercury Pork Salt Hg Na sodium

F Fluorine toothpaste Winnipeg geology rocks there Canada red tide Florida

Boron Bo Bleach (ie: hydrogen peroxide + baking soda) or Boron naturally occurring

Mo Molybdenium beans peas

korsakoff Titanium Thiamine excess
korsakoff Titanium Thiamine excess







I am 588144…(this is the affiliate link Dr. Quila Rider gave me so I could get a wholesale price on the patches…I think maybe you have to input my number in order for them at the Patches at to know who referred you to them…)

Gold variety Pack…This is the one that was recommended to me By DrQ… direct link



Glucosamine (Beef, Lead Pb Plumbum on our chart)

MSM Chondroitin-(Shrimp, Aurum Au Gold on our Chart)…




Please note: The newer Grove Body Part Chart has 24 chromosomes(12 rows instead of only 11 pairs)…GroveBody Part Chart