whetherF   H   M   Al    Ti   O   C   Bo = Cu

11  6     10   10   3    7    5   12     9

–   +       –     +    –    –     –    –       –

frankincense tears, zeolite rock(seal neck), cement black base, fire lighter bic (flint, grate, spit, whistle, blood sweat & tears), water hot boiled cold was flow clean taps hudson’s bay


Ti  B    F   H  O   Al

3   12   11  6    7    10

–      –    –    +    –     +

snow, pine, resin, glue, blood of tree is nitrogen, sap, carve, willow, let, pot glass silicate sand salt Hg Nacl (Cl is chlorine rhymes with fluorine is just stronger fluorine)

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have i ever seen the rain coming down on a sunday day sunny day rainbow= burlington.

yes! grace. sunday’s child is full of grace. malsiah. nurse. high fructose corn syrpu. cake.

silicone=salt=mercury=cartilage-tendon=joint(s) ### bike…hands grease thak\s bye

new improved updated grove body part chart
the chart now shows which metals are the lightest(hint start at he bottom right)…