*https://humaworm.com/Herbal_Pet_Wormer.html Humaworm herbal pet dewormer…

Here is the breakdown of the Humaworm pet dewormer in relation to the Grove Body Part Chart…This chart also corresponds to the Grove Brain part chart, incase there are brain parts also affected…

Grove Body Part Chart
Grove Body Part Chart
Grove Brain Part Chart
Grove Brain Part Chart

HUMAWORM HERBAL PET DEWORMER as the ingredients correspond to Grove Body Part Chart & Grove Brain part chart…(about $9.95 which covers a 100 pound animal)-They recommend about a pinch to every 5 pounds of weight x 3 times per day-but you could get away with much less if you are worried about overdosing your pet or your pet has already had other shots or anti parasitic treatments already…(or if your pet has a diet & exercise program that accounts for exposure to parasites & worms & bugs…)

Black Walnut:MANGANESE

*Humaworm for people:(30 day Adult formula)…(about $39.95)-You are supposed to take 2 capsules morning & 2 capsules evening-but you could take less if you have already detoxed or had other treatments(like chemo or radiation or surgery)…

Here are the ingredients as explained by the Grove Body & brain part charts…(the charts show what the ingredients represent, & which ingredient will antidote the other, if too much is taken…Also, which body part or brain part that ingredient affects…)

*I am not an affiliate for any of these products…

Ok, so here are the ingredients in the Humaworm formula for adults…I am listing beside each ingredient, which element they correspond to on the Grove Brain & Body Part Charts…

Black Walnut 200mg :MANGANESE
Wormwood 100mg :ZINC
Cloves 100mg:TITANIUM
Thyme 100mg:TITANIUM
Garlic 200mg:SELENIUM
Fennel 100mg:COPPER
Cayenne 100mg:SELENIUM
Ginger 100mg:ZINC
Gentian 100mg:MANGANESE
Hyssop 100mg:OXYGEN
Milk Thistle 100mg:OXYGEN
Marshmallow root 100mg:CARBON
Pau D’ Arco 200mg:IODINE
Burdock 100mg:OXYGEN
Elecampane 100mg:SELENIUM
Fenugreek 100mg:SELENIUM
Liquorice 100mg:COPPER
Barberry 200mg:OXYGEN
Cascara Sagrada 25mg:CARBON
Senna 25mg:CARBON
Sage 100mg:ALUMINUM
Psyllium 200mg:CARBON
Yellow Dock 100mg:MAGNESIUM
Cramp Bark 100mg:OXYGEN
Peppermint 200mg:TITANIUM

I recommend HUMAWORM products for anybody or their pets or children who think they may have been exposed to parasites or worms or bugs or creatures…Also for anyone with any type of Cancer…Cancer is really just a disease created by parasites…Get rid of them & you have solved most of the problem…

I do NOT have any affiliate linkage to Humaworm, nor do I know any of the people involved at all…(Though I have purchased from them, for both myself, my husband & my mother’s dog, & my bengal cats)…

Please note that all MINUS ingredients on the Grove Body Part Chart are detoxifying…You will notice that Humaworm does not contain a few of those, like POTASSIUM for instance…

If yourself or your pet suffer from high blood pressure which is High AURUM on our chart, then you need a POTASSIUM to lower that…Stevia in your pet’s water is an easy way to give potassium…Same with yourself…Bugs are attracted to people with high Aurum(B12), so by lowering Aurum you will lower the amount your pet scratches or you scratch…