How to make the most basic black salve formula…

Innovations in black salve recipes:

Switch up the distilled water for Colloidal silver…

Increase the amount of DMSO for more penetration…

The core 4 ingredients are galangal, chaparral, graviola, bloodroot…(you can make bloodroot capsules with these ingredients…If you add Zinc Chloride, now you have a TOPICAL salve)…

But you could add more herbs if you wanted to…Here are some ideas…(I wrote beside each one what element category each ingredient might belong to on the Grove body part chart…)

1)Bloodroot (Sanguinaria Canadensis)/ is a Manganese,

2)Zinc Chloride/Zinc & Fluorine=is a Copper & Boron mix Cu,(some internal remedies do contain TINY amounts of this…)

3)Chaparral/is a Selenium,

4)Burdock Root/is an Oxygen*,

5)Graviola Root/a Potassium,

6)Poke root/an Iodine*,

7)Goldenseal/a Zinc,(this alternates with Galangal, also a Zinc)

8)Echinacea/an Aluminum,

9)Thyme/is Titanium, or, thyme essential oil/is Titanium & Carbon,

10)and pure frankincense oil/is Titanium & Carbon,

11)Turmeric/a Zinc,

12)Neem /a Fluorine*,

13)Castor Oil*/ Carbon,  or olive oil/a  Carbon, grapeseed oil/Carbon, and hemp oil/Carbon;

14)DMSO/is Selenium.

I am adding other possibilities now…

15)Licorice root, a Copper,

16)Magnesium (glycinate is good)*

17)small flowered willowherb, a Boron

18)evening primrose oil, Oxygen with carbon*

19)red clover, iodine*

20)sheep sorrel, carbon*

21)Blessed Thistle Oxygen ,22)kelp iodine, 23)slippery elm bark carbon, 24)turkish rhubarb root Oxygen, 25)watercress Fluorine

​This is a basic recipe from one answer to cancer in Australia…

​1)50g Bloodroot powder
2)50g Chaparral powder

3)50g Galangal powder
4)50g Graviola powder
5)25ml DMSO 70%
6)250g Zinc chloride
7)500ml Distilled water
8)50ml+ Vegetable Glycerine

Posit 10 more ingredients: 9)poke root, 10)burdock, 11)slippery elm, 12)kelp,13) turkish rhubarb root, 14)blessed thistle, 15)watercress 16)red clover 17)sheep sorrel 18)magnesium glycinate (Two Feathers has 18 secret ingredients-I have been trying to figure out what they are-hence the 18 here…)

More recent ideas about the 18 ingredients in two feathers healing formula: bloodroot, chaparral, galangal, graviola, dmso, zinc chloride, distilled water, vegetable glycerin…this covers 8 basic ingredients common to most black salves…now add the 8 ingredients from essiac tea…poke root, burdock, slippery elm, kelp, turkish rhubarb root, blessed thistle, watercress, red clover, …the last two ingredients are a possibility…sheep sorrel, magnesium glycinate…This would make 18 ingredients…

85 ounce glass jar/is Silicon Sand Fire Mercury & Oxygen.

(It is imperative that these ingredients be stored in glass, not metal, tin or plastic. If product becomes dry you may add olive oil to re-hydrate, do not use metal to stir. ”)

*ps. Frankin Thyme bloodroot salve (without zinc chloride) contains all those interesting ingredients listed in Italics…Made by Matrix of Holistic Health…(theoretically you could use this salve, add zinc chloride, & turn it into an escharotic salve-one you could use to remove cancer…ie: order it, then get the zinc chloride yourself…Just a thought…)