(the link above explains a study where they did…)

Here are some of the Ceruloplasmin levels they found(you could ask your doctor for a ceruloplasmin blood test & compare your levels…)

Healthy Controls Male= 296 mg/l

healthy Controls Female = 346 mg/l

Patients male =460 mg/l

patients female = 440 mg/l

Cut off levels in men =358 mg/l (above that unhealthy)

cut off levels women= 383 mg/l (above that unhealthy

lung cancer=469 mg/l

breast cancer= 407 mg/l

larynx cancer=466 mg/l

gastrointestinal cancer=546 mg/l

tumor grade= class 1= 404 mg/l

tumor grade class 2=423 mg/l

tumor grade class 3=581 mg/l

The study mentions that ceruloplasmin levels tend to be more markedly elevated in more advanced or aggressive cancers, but that even in moderate cancvers or smaller tumors, ceruloplasmin levels will be elevated enough to notice…

Since Ceruloplasmin level blood tests are routine for Wilson’s disease(it is opposite to cancer, low ceruloplasmin with high circulating copper levels in the body), your health insurance should cover this blood test for you-just explain it is a cancer marker-Higher than normal ceruloplasmin indicates possibly cancer…