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  1. Sari

    The bulk of a tumour, benign or malignant is made of Calcium Oxalate…A malignant one is Calcium Phosphate…But the common thing is Calcium…The thing that eradicates calcium is Iodines…Anything in the Iodine category, choose your poison…Kelp, seaweed, the herb Madagascar Periwinkle(my favorite), Iodoral pills, Iodine topically or orally-to shrink a benign or malignant lump you need something in the Iodine family…It is a component of chemo…To stop spread you have to address the Phosphorus…Phosphorus spreads like mold…Coppers hit the Phosphorus & can reverse it…I like Licorice root for my Copper because it is affordable & you can get it easily & it comes in many different formats-tincture is strongest, but you can boil the herb for tea too…Those two things are my top two things…Iodine & Copper…(regular copper pills don’t absorb very well)…I also put Frankincense tears(the resin nuggets) into a pitcher of water & drink it as my daily water the next day…Frankincense will enhance the effects of the CBD oil…It is much cheaper to buy the resin than the oil as you have seen…You can also chew the resin & spit out the gum when the essence is gone…Frankincense & CBD oil work like statins in a way-they lower cholesterol, which helps to shrink size too…Butcher’s broom comes in capsules & works like the Apricot kernels to bring Oxygen in…This shrinks lumps by dehydrating them…Useful…I’d like to add that after a 2 hour walk-yes it is very far like 6 miles, my lump is always very much smaller…Exercising, but over a very long time, can have a significant effect of lumps…Plus the fresh air is important…The CBD oil can make life very lazy, plus it can make you hungrier…Be careful…Exercise & diet are just so crucial…

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