Book 3-Algae+Rhythm, Algae-Rhyme:Apt Surgical Rotation App

Mrs. Sari Grove (sounds like Mary) 

About me: I like to run very very slow but far on trails... I invented a way to check for cancer from a selfie... I have been married to the same guy for 25 years now... I run a Facebook group called DIY Cancer Repair Manual... I started an online school called the Nidi Academy... Nidi stands for Non-Invasive Diagnostic Imaging... I live in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, & was born here... If you need help with the DIY Imaging, you can Messenger me privately with a photo from your Facebook account-it is easier for both of us to chat that way, & not as anonymous as email! Sari sounds like Mary... So, I am, Sari Grove (Mrs.) ps. I am much older than I look(It's a canadian thing-not much sun!)-I am in my 50s... gets you to the Nidi academy online! HTTPS:// gets you to the Free do it yourself imaging online tool- please use a bigger computer for better results if the 3 filter tools are not working for you on your phone! Lp filter Ff filter P filter Upload your close up photo to and pass it through all 3 filters to self-check for free- nobody sees your images but you! This web app was built by Cyint technology on behalf of the Nidi Academy using AWS Amazon web services as a host/hostess! Alternatively use instructions at the nidi academy using Gnu image manipulation program! -Ivan to Gamma using Pixlr for iphone for the old Aurum higher blood pressure anorexia checkup-also check for stroke predisposition this way! Updated Sunday August 14, 2022

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4 thoughts on “Book 3-Algae+Rhythm, Algae-Rhyme:Apt Surgical Rotation App

  1. Sari

    Breast cancer & Iodine…

    Ok so Iodine is CRUCIAL…It attacks Calcium which tumours are made of…benign tumours are calcium Oxalate(oxalate means iron)…Malignant ones are calcium Phosphate…But the driving size behind a lump is Calcium…Many people don’t know that birth control drugs cause Calcium excess in the Adrenal Gland…Which is how we get into this predicament of all these calcium based tumours…Many women just take Iodoral pills every day(you can get up to a 50 mg dose)…Others take kelp…You can eat seaweed…Arame is a seaweed you can cook with…I take an herb called madagascar periwinkle for my Iodine, it is used in real chemo too…Iodine is your first line of defense & attack…Sooo Important…

  2. Sari

    I had some sort of chronic pneumonia thing…I went to the tanning salon in the lower level at Yonge & St. Clair mall & had an intermediate machine session for 9 minutes(I did pay for some cream too)…Anyways, 9 minutes later I was perfect, no lung problem…Total cost $25…Cheaper than Florida!

  3. […] By the way, that red dot in the picture is a Moxibustion scar…Last year, in 2014, right after I discovered the lump, I went to a Traditional Chinese medicine Doctor TCM, who did acupuncture (surround the dragon), cupping, blood cupping, & Moxibustion to me…I talk about it in the 3rd Book in the Grove health Science series of Books… […]

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