That Mozi-Q prevents bugs from biting is true…

That it contains “O, Bo, Mn, Se, Mg…” is the result of my analyzing its homeopathic ingredients logically…(aka “Spock” style)…

If Minus elements travel upwards in the body, then Mozi-Q pills(herbal) clean:

Gender/Skene’s Gland/Prostate gland=The Bo Boron component…(removes Molybdenum Mb)

Gallbladder=The Mg Magnesium component…(removes Mercury Hg)

Liver=The O Oxygen component…(removes Hydrogen H)

Pancreas=The Se Selenium component…(removes Sugar -formally known as Su Sulphur in the old days, but has been appropriated by the Natural community as a Selenium hence much confusion…)

Thymus gland(blood)=The Mn Manganese component…(removes Iron Fe Ferre is the other language word for iron, Latin or French usually even Spanish will help when trying to figure out what stuff stands for on Periodic Table of Elements…)