Original picture close up liver area
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Purple is Phosphorus Er+ Estrogen the common cancer marker…Lime is a Mercury marker, Lyme disease in large quantity, HPV
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Blue Lead, Darker pink Iron, Lighter pink Aluminum a cholesterol marker, Yellow is calcium a Pr+ progesterone marker
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Red is Hydrogen, fluids, Liver, an inflammation marker-in huge quantity can be a Her2+ marker
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Purple is phosphorus er+ estrogen the common cancer marker, Lime is Mercury which can be a Lyme disease marker in huge quantity, also HPV
Phixr.com manual edit to see cancer Nidi

Purple is phosphorus estrogen er+ the common cancer marker, Black is Mercury which can be a lyme disease makrer in large quantity, also hpv
Manual Phixr.com nidi to see Aurum blood pressure marker

Lavender colour indicates Aurum a blood pressure marker, cobalamin B12
Pixlr.com/editor 2 step Nidi to see Molybdenum online

Molybdenum can be a Bartonella cat scratch disease marker, prostate cancer or ovarian cancer marker, late stage cancer marker, strongyloide parasite marker

Answers to frequently asked questions about Nidi, non invasive diagnostic imaging…:

Nidi is something I invented for myself in 2014 when I had cancer…I am an artist & my father was a neuro-opthalmological surgeon who wrote textbooks & taught medicine to doctors…The method & how I developed it is documented in my books-there are 12 now, called Grove Health Science-they can be found for free on my blog & various other publisher sites…I invented nidi because the mammogram hurt me very badly-it ruptured inner skin & caused nodes to appear due to the injury…To add insult to injury, the biopsy pierced my pleura, so when I drank liquid it went into my lungs…I am self-employed and spent my full time developing a way to see under the skin myself…Because of my horrible treatment, I went totally rogue…I had Invasive ductal carcinoma, & did not have surgery, chemo , radiation, hormone blockers, nothing…The new site I had built is based on 3 of the nidi edits-it cost me 5K per filter to have a developer automate my methods…I can see 12 markers now with Nidi…

The purple colour is Phosphorus-it is a common cancer marker…Very commonly, the objects in the home will show high phosphorus as well…Things we use daily will show similar markers…But also, it can be a clue to environmental cause-for example, I can see Lead in paint…

Thermography uses special cameras to see…What I am doing is using regular photos, then using photo editors to change the perspective-basically you can alter an image to the extent that it is like seeing through a microscope…If you know what you are trying to see, what the shape is, then you can alter the colours to make that particular shape to appear in that colour-this makes it pop…I chose purple for the cancer marker because it was the colour that popped the most…Also, I have identified the elements that you see-thermography has not gone that far…

Note: the filters on our new site are actually several steps done manually…The Lp filter was based on a nidi edit that took 15 steps in lunapic an online free photo editor…