Dr. Clark’s see thru iodine, dmso garlic smelling water trees solution, vegetable glycerin organic whole foods carbon c-5, 20 Mule Team Borax Boron-12…Sesame Oil whole foods market…organic corn starch…baking soda…cloves…colloidal silver…how to stretch two feathers jar…

Clove infused dmso (garlic water/vodka 50 proof distilled), organic vegetable glycerin, arm & hammer baking soda shopper’s drug mart, colloidal silver whole foods market now owned by amazon.ca, organic corn starch from when whole foods was chicago owned, 20 Mule Team Borax powder 1/3 teaspoon do not use metal spoon to measure, Sesame oil smells good contains Carbon Toronto General hospital Dr. Jay Keystone apologies for bad review I was feeling sick, oil in ears dr. larry tan cleans ears out re medical clinic good Tropical disease unit, Gloc-C Omar hair colour L’Oreal Inoa 10N no ammonia 40%/30% hydrogen peroxide mix good don’t burn roots…

I stretched Two Feathers healing formula, from Synergistic Nutrition with 1/3 teaspoon 20 Mule Team Borax, 1/3 teaspoon baking soda, 1/3 teaspoon organic corn starch, 3 teaspoons Sesame Oil…To make it stickier to stick to the back of my head, where, on the right side, at the back of my head, the right back of my head, connects to the Cerebral Aqueduct where Skene’s Gland in women is, where that connects to the Fallopian tubes, & possibly can connect to something called a Cervical Polyp which is an indication of injury caused by PAP smears…(a Pap smear is an injury to the cervical area by women for women, it is a SCOPY of sorts-scope means ‘look see cut’…

Two Feathers healing formula…

Clove infused dmso…Zinc Chloride…Bloodroot blackened walnut hull plant root, galangal ginger root zinc, graviola hawthorne berry potassium banana peels, chaparral garlic colloidal silver distilled water , carbon sesame oil vegetable glycerin ground peanuts make oil:logic, oil is opposite to nitrogen plant fibers so separating oil from ground up plant is Carbon aspect & you get left with Nitrogen fibre pulp as uric acid aspect like beets,

.. then add Essiac tea 8 ingredient formula: burdock root oxygen eucalyptus root milk thistle thistle purple thistle spiny thistle in Canada, slippery elm senna pods poohing laxative edamame roasted beans roasted creamy oily texture the shells of beans are the CARBON part C-5, poke root iodine kelp seaweed Milkweed in Ontario Canada, Robert Bateman’s son homeopathic taught me the separation of pod from bean as distinction between Carbon aspect and Nitrogen aspect of bean plant insofar as roots or plants-which part is male or female or #metoo(#metoo as in mine specifically)…To be continued: (are pecans democrats and walnuts republicans? joke break…)

ok, back to essiac tea 8 ingredient recipe…

Io-8 poke root milkweed, Io-8 red clover iodine double, turmeric ginger sunshine heat, sheep sorrel beans’ pods roasted to separate oil from fibre oily, blessed thistle, slippery elm bark or dutch elm bark or elephant baobab elephant pod tree bean tree double, O-7 IRIS flower van gogh-darryl darryl and bb newhart dr son- blue boy herbs southern united states poke root-iris blend-turkish rhubarb root oxygen nitrogen organic corn starch for glue to make it sticky no wait-oxygen apricot kernels inside nut of abricot husk shell hard shell off of hard nut inside abricot- seeds of grapefruits seeds of watermelons-seeds of APPLES are Oxygen Annie Appleseed Project!!! YAY! , watercress or neem or fluorine or PARSLEY

my guesstimating of 5 traditional australian black salve bloodroot salve topical ingredients combined with canadian 8 ingredient newer version of nurse caisse’s essiac tea recipe, to make 8+5=13 ingredient recipe, then add dmso infused with cloves, extra organic vegetable glycerin, colloidal silver instead of distilled water, borax 20 mule team for boron if zinc chloride is not available to make an 18 ingredient recipe…note: use of zinc chloride pioneered by frederick moh’s in harvard university…Moh’s microsurgery is an extra year after standard plastics(surgical rotation)…Note: Native Indian American Navajo Cree Canadian Chinese ARABIAN horses need cause problem Bismuth on knees of horses credited to Joseph, salve topical, 4 ingredient galangal, graviola, bloodroot, chaparral -then addition of borax by doctor dad-in-law to make 5 ingredient topical escharotic, then later added to 4ingredient essiac, then 4 more update to essiac to make stronger more complex by russians czech romanians, history of recipe of two feathers, then…2018…

1)ginger root available in Canada Zn-1

2)blackened walnut hulls available in Canada Mn-2

3)Garlic cloves available in Canada Se-6

4)Hawthorne Berries dried available in Canada K-4

5)20 Mule Team Borax available in Canada Bo-12

6)Organic Vegetable glycerin available in Canada C-5

7)Blessed Milk Thistle available in Canada O-7

8)Milkweed HUSKS available in Canada Io-8

9)Parsley F-11 available in Canada

10)Colloidal Silver Se-6 available in Canada (son of lady who invented colloidal silver machine & patented it here is in Canada thank you Hindenburg/Hickenburg/warning-when syllables are missing from speech-speech defect/this can be indication of excess Se selenium or very low blood sugar hypo-glycemic hypo is low hyper is high…warning danger!

11)dmso is garlic infused in proof vodka 80 proof originally russian recipe Kremlin Czar of Russia, 50 garlic clove to 15 cc vodka proof aalborg aquavit or stolichnaya minus the sugar please or distill twice and heat to boil pasteurize removes S sugar previously called sulphur in Banting & Best times historically or sulfur S but now Sugar S+7

12)MSM methlysulfonmethylate-god knows, spicy things like red hot chili peppers music, food, recipe of hot peppers on toast with onions garlic paste mash credited to Santa…Se-6

13)licorice root Cu-9

14)Ti-3 Mint Titanium or Holy Basil Ti-3 or Oregano Ti-3

15)Lavender Prince Edward County for Magnesium Mg-10, or Epsom Salts (Must let recipe settle for a long time in closed glass jar or bottle or you can heat this gently but be careful ’cause it could be explosive bang beware of heating magnesium MG-10 too much because Mercury Hg commonest Hg+3 can be flammable!Very Dangerous!!!)

16)Turkish rhubarb root can be found in Canada but it is mostly called just “Rhubarb”…Heavy on Oxygens, the root part…goes well with strawberry wild that can actually grow in Ontario if left to spread easily wild…Note:LED lights, the plant lights with BLUE Pb+12 Lead light in the bulb are needed to stabilize plants in Ontario…(stop them from dying)

17)apple cider vinegar powder is needed in water from Hudson’s Bay to help plants drink heavy Pb+12 stone rock Lead Pb+12 water…(plants won’t be able to drink thickness of water due to thickness of water)…Note: toenail fungus is due to thickness of water in humans not methylating or being absorbed correctly-so add apple cider vinegar powder to water before drinking to thin it out a bit-will thin bones in huge quantity so be careful not to induce osteoporosis (tiny holes in bones/which can also be induced by heavy weightlifting/injuries/fractures)…

18)heat fire Oxygen O-7 heat…blessings…Holy people, clean people…Love…stir, remuez…