Selenium Se-6




every 4 hours

(means at night too)so if they say very 4 hours that includes the night so take every 4 hours & you have to wake up at night during the 12 hours(Duran Duran wolf Sky) in order to take your antibiotic penicillin pill too!(garlic is the exact same thing but usually less in strength)GroveBody Part Chart


“Love Runs Out” by OneRepublic sister to Beyonce′ is a song they play at he Brass Rail Tavern to lure your in!

refers to Lady Marmalade who sang another song…Voulez Vous Couchez avec moi Ce Soir (In African canadian which means usually they came from Jamaica or one of the Islands) “Island Girl” by the Beach Boys…ibid;they are derivative

The Brass Rail tiger at the Metro Toronto Zoo & the peacock at High Park Zoo who came back (male they have the fancy tail-this is from the news I heard from Joseph my husband btw by the way means stay off my husband please you lapdancers…next-)

***ostrich they run fast & can mythologically carry people-because their wings were chopped off by African people so they could eat them faster-this is illegal in Canada by the way!

at the Copa copocabana barry manilow i

‘m a fanilow justin Bieber I’m a Anne Frank Fanilow…Bieberlicious….Pizza Libretto…


Scarborough Arts Library… ! Spotify is $9.99 a month but first 3 months is trial period…0.1 cents I think…

Voltaire El Dorado U.T.S. class of 1984 animal farm book I went there…