Yes…I got shingles from the shingles vaccine …My mum had shingles last year…It was so bad, & the rash didn’t appear for a week, so she just had pain, horrible pain, & in & out of emerg & doctors & no diagnosis…A week of pain & her aesthetician comes over & my mum shows her a new rash & Lola says: You’ve got shingles! Back to emerg to get the drug…But it’s too late…Has to be taken right away…Mum still in agony…Finally neighbour teaches her how to smoke a few puffs of a joint, & she gets some sleep…I’m there 6 weeks, & I start feeling weird…My mum has been talking to heads of shingles organizations & they brainwash her into thinking this all could have been prevented if she had just agreed to getting the vaccine..( She had refused)…So she takes me to a clinic in a drugstore & pays the $230 to get the vaccine for me, cause she’s afraid I will get it too…( Two people close to her got it around the same time)…A week later, I’m in pain, in the back of my mouth, of all places…Now I’m running around to doctors & getting drugs…I self medicate with milk thistle & arsenicum album & arnica Montana ( all Boiron pills) & get better…Later something appears in my armpit…Shyte! I realize I got shingles from the bloody vaccine…I take Hepa Plus from Usana( Liver pills work for shingles)& it clears up…Anyways…My stupid vaccination story…My name should be sorry not Sari for all the mistakes I make!