Hi, I’m Sari…Last name Grove…This site shows some of my works of art, & some of how I do them, & probably some things that aren’t really art related, like our bengal cats, but they are, because they bring me joy & that makes my art more joyful…The works here are mostly since 2010 & forward…I take things down from the internet a while after they sell, mostly so whoever bought them gets sort of the privilege of having them, exclusive rights to look at them because they supported me financially…Some of the things here are sold, but still too fresh & I still have this ‘show off’ desire hanging in…

“Swanee” (sold) is a 5 foot long, around 100 lbs, of a custom concrete recipe Sari made, on top of 25 feet of rolled & shaped chicken wire, with a couple of coat hangers in the neck part…(armature secrets)
Sari’s Custom Concrete mix is:
2 parts white cement to 1 part aggregate:
(that 1 part aggregate is in 4 parts itself- so,
25% Perlite,
25% Aragonite sand,
25% white silica sand,
25% alkaline resistant glass fibres…)
Then 1 part liquid, which is 75% water to 25% latex adhesive (Milk)…
Covered in Eco-House special eco no VOC concrete sealer…
The black bill has added black cement powder paint integrally…
The nest is 750 feet of water-resistant rope woven on a hula hoop by hand…The rock was there already…
began late 2010- done early 2012

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CONSIGNMENT:Sari Grove can let a work of art out on Consignment, however the policy is not more than 1/3 of a discount(& sometimes less depending on your reputation, experience & membership in established professional associations) is made to the proposed seller…(Translation: your commission cannot exceed ONE THIRD of the SELLING PRICE…) (AUCTION HOUSES,ART DEALERS or ART GALLERIES need NOT bother if their COMMISSION ASK is more than 33.33%(One third) of the price of the art…) Preference will be given to Businesses who buy works of art outright without consignment necessity…Additional preference given to those businesses who continually buy over a long term…Discounts (or commissions, however you want to word it) are not given across the board to NON-ARTS PROFESSIONALS…However each collector is different & circumstances will be considered…Each art work is different too, so prices may vary for various reasons including market supply & demand…
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How to make a Trumpeter Swan Outdoor Sculpture with my Custom Concrete recipe… by GroveCanada