Duck taped at arm wrist & finger so I can do things while having cold laser therapy!

I had an accident with my finger…

Get a good splint from a pharmacist…Get some good duck tape to buddy tape fingers together when splint starts to hurt…

Now it won’t straighten all the way…

So, I purchased this portable cold laser therapy device, after having a 5 minute session at a chiropractor, which showed immediate improvement…

I wanted more time with the laser device, & zero more time of the forced exercises he had performed, because the 40 minutes of pushing hard with the finger actually caused increasing swelling, pain, & deformity…

I had gone just for the laser, but was forced to do the exercises, despite explaining that I had noticed that exercising made it worse…

I was told that I had just been doing the wrong type of exercises…

So, I found an ebay seller, in Scarborough, Ontario, who had the same laser device,& was asking $450 CAD, no tax…

I offered $250 Cad…

She counteroffered $330 Cad, & I jumped!

This device can be found on Amazon, & ships directly from Belarus, for about $179 US currency (30% more than CAD)…

But I could not wait a month for it to arrive, & God knows that it might be held at several borders, due to the new Trump paranoiac xenophobia…

It might have cost $225 Cad…But would it ever arrive in time to correct my now deformed finger?

I couldn’t take that chance…

My mum said that it would cost me a thousand dollars in repeat sessions to a doctor…

Is that the scheme? Limit the time on the healing laser to 5 minutes each $130 cad hour session to maximize revenue?

I am not sure, but even the manual says begin with 30 minutes, 3 times per day…So 5 minutes,was not even the beginner amount…

Not to be ungrateful, but the exercises during the chiropractic session caused me to need to wrap some steak(yes, this works) around the finger, with an elastic band, just to recover from the chiropractic session…

I am also not sure that the finger was never broken, as the chiropractor said…

Top=Start, After=after a few 10 minute sessions first day 1day=After a few sessions second day!!!!

See the crack at the top of the finger choking? Chipped!
After cold laser , DIY, see the lower bone knitting to the upper bone???
Sleeping in a finger splint keeps the new bones knit together & straight!

Here is the information from the ebay seller!!!

Details about Portable Cold Laser Therapy Device for Pain Relief (combined 810nm and 650nm)

LLLT (Low Level Laser therapy) or Cold/Soft laser therapy is a safe, painless, non-invasive treatment for a variety of pain syndromes, injuries, wounds, fractures, neurological conditions and pathologies.

Benefits of LLLT:
relieves acute and chronic pain
increases blood supply
stimulates nerve function
promotes healing, helps generate new and healthy cells and tissue
stimulates immune system
reduces inflammation

Device is applied directly on pain site or on acupuncture points.

12 red laser beams with 650 nm and 1 infrared beam with 808 nm!!!
650 nm can penetrate 2-3 cm, 808 nm can penetrate about 5-7 cm!!!
Countdown 10/15/20/25 min treatment, Level 1 intensity for pulse mode, Level 2/3/4 for continuous mode.
Light acupuncture instructions included in the manual.
Excellent device for all family including pets!

Applications of Cold Laser Therapy:
– Acupuncture Points
– Arthralgia/Arthritis
– Back Pain, Neck Pain/Whiplash
– Disk Degeneration
– Bursitis
– Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
– Hip or Knee pain
– Frozen shoulder, Shoulder Pain
– Chondromalacia Patellae
– Fibromyalgia
– Plantar Fasciatis, Foot Pain
– Headaches/Migraine
– Injuries
– Wound healing/Swelling
– Post-Operative Pain and Healing
– Repetitive Stress
– Trigger Points/Muscle tension and pain
– Sprains/Strains
– Tendonitis (Tennis Elbow, Golfer Elbow , etc.)
– Sinusitis & More