More ways to dumb down a contemporary chemo French protocol in a natural way…IBC ideas

(Notes on alternative ideas for inflammatory breast cancer…)

Update: Chamomile essential oil is a Titanium family similar to cannabis oil, white willow bark extract, pine gum turpentine, & acts as a statin lowering cholesterol which helps deal with cancers that are feeding on cholesterol…

More notes…

Apple cider vinegar for bones thyroid

Potassium hawthorn for heart medulla oblongata

Boron for Skene’s gland corpus callossum

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From the idea of :Yew plant taxus bush calcium channel blocker phytotherapy (more Iodine now internal)-use the herb, Madagascar Periwinkle

Cinchona bark quinine (selenium)-use pancreatic enzymes(garlic & papaya extracts in pill tablet form)

St. John’s Wort (for Copper) for brain globus palladus

Licorice root (also for Copper body)-*tincture by St. Francis is good

Ginkgo Biloba for Copper as well

Apricot kernels derivative for Cyanidins Oxygen

Arsenicum Album 200C homeopathic Boron

Milk Thistle for Oxygen

For Herxheimer reaction to clear bug shells & anti-parasitic * Knowledge products Artemisia Combination or the ingredients therein… (, Quassia, Elecampane, Thyme, Selfheal, Blue Vervain, Tansy, Century, Black Walnut Leaves, African Birdseye Pepper

For topical application to lump area: Saje Peppermint Halo (yes it is a headache remedy, yes, put it on the back of the spine at the top of the neck, but also directly on breast area & even over liver area topically-lovely sensation(also may be applied to any Lymph Nodes in body)…Eucalyptus is an Oxygen that cleans out the Liver…(tea tree oil & mint oil are Titaniums that clean out the Lungs & Lymph Nodes…) costs about $30 including tax & is a small bottle & is worth every penny-get a friend to massage your neck after applying it…Or Franklin at Saje will oblige! (thanks Franklin)!

Eat your giant salad bowl for breakfast lunch & dinner: Get a giant family sized serving bowl, fill with Gai Lan(looks like leafs or Bok Choi), shredded broccoli carrot cabbage, apple cider vinegar careful it is strong, choose your favourite oil & use too much, 3 exotic mushroom species like shitake oyster & chanterelles, trail mix with dried cranberries, many many sundried dry tomatoes, snap peas, green apple sliced up more than one is nice, avocado avocado avocado…*For B12 you may need to add something like a tin of smoked mussels from the canned fish section(or you can take a B12 pill)…They are a bit weird(smoked mussels) so go for something more normal if that is too out there for you…Oh I forgot-add 3 types of beans no salt…




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