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Author: Sari_Grove

Hi, Sari sounds like Mary, Canada is my home country(and native land), I'm married to a man who gave me the gorgeous last name Grove, and lately, I have been running super duper slow, outside, all through winter! This blog was so huge, & it had millions of visitors & views, that I lost all sense of the content that was out there still, so, I have removed all the content, & am dripping new content in, more carefully, & will rebuild this web-log (the origin of the word "blog")with fresher news! Easter was last week, & I am so excited about the sunny weather we have been having just a few days ago, I will try to remember that around Easter 2024 to look forward maybe to sunshine!

nidi.vhx.tv free trailer stretch with DAFNA

https://x.com/SariGrove6/status/1795460093439271287 Twitter now called X, here is SariGrove6 status update with video of NIDI.VHX.TV here…

what do the colours mean in nidi? FAQ

"learn Nidi" is a free course at grove.official.academy , basically purple is Phosphorus (an element…

Type 1 diabetes detached pancreas sugar water glue to reattach

short answer: (4 revisions) Alzheimers is related to high blood pressure. photo credit: an ugly…

Retro Post LOL!