Where do these herbal remedies fit on the Grove Body Part Chart???

I will write beside each one, what that herb is…Note:Several of these herbs have multiple functions-I have tried to identify the prime function…


Black Walnut 200mg – MANGANESE
Wormwood 100mg – ZINC
Cloves 100mg- TITANIUM
Thyme 100mg- TITANIUM
Garlic 200mg- SELENIUM
Fennel 100mg-COPPER
Cayenne 100mg-SELENIUM
Ginger 100mg-ZINC
Gentian 100mg-POTASSIUM
Hyssop 100mg-TITANIUM
Milk Thistle 100mg-OXYGEN
Marshmallow root 100mg-CARBON
Pau D’ Arco 200mg-IODINE
Burdock 100mg- OXYGEN
Elecampane 100mg-MANGANESE
Fenugreek 100mg-SELENIUM
Licorice 100mg-COPPER
Barberry 200mg-OXYGEN
Cascara Sagrada 25mg-CARBON
Senna 25mg-CARBON
Sage 100mg-ALUMINUM
Psyllium 200mg-CARBON
Yellow Dock 100mg-MAGNESIUM
Cramp Bark 100mg-MAGNESIUM
Peppermint 200mg-TITANIUM


So Humaworm covers 10 of the 12 body parts!!!!

The two parts Humaworm does NOT cover are:


Gender, which means the Prostate Gland in men, & Skene’s Gland in women(the female prostate)…

To add those to your protocol, you need FLUORINE & BORON…

Fluorine is found in Moringa Oleifera…

Boron is found in small flowered Willowherb…

You can also find fluorine in toothpastes & mouthwashes…Also in your water supply, or even naturally if you live near a body of water where fluorine is in the rocks naturally…(yes, I know…Fluorine is Bad for people with ALS, diarrhea, Crohn’s disease, some hearing loss problems, the orphan illness fabry…Fluorine is Good for people with cancer(especially colon but not limited to), glaucoma, & sarcoma tumours…Please Know the Difference between when fluorine is bad & when fluorine is good…For those who think all fluorine is bad…)

Boron is found in 2 Mule team Borax(yes the laundry detergent)…Yes, you can drop a tablespoon into water (measures vary depending on what you need, & bathe in it…Some of the bold drink it very diluted in water…Note the words “very diluted”…)