• Sari Grove(yes, I am growing my hair in!)
    Sari Grove(yes, I am growing my hair in!)

    I do not work for money…I am an artist who developed an invention in the field of medicine(with my husband)which simplifies the understanding of the human body parts…(It’s called The Grove Body Part Chart)…We wrote a book to explain the chart better & let people read it for free online…We got thousands of readers, & encouragement from people who were able to understand the chart…Encouraged, we have now 9 books(Grove Health Science) that build upon the first premise…In 2014, I was diagnosed with invasive ductal carcinoma left breast, & didn’t want lumpectomy or anything else…So I set out to figure out how to solve for Cancer, my own…I was writing a book about how to avoid surgery at the time, so I changed the tack of that book to cancer…At the end of that book, I discovered how to handle the spread factor & reverse it…To change the chemistry of a lump rather than having a goal to shrink it…I used that discovery in my own treatment…While evaluating what I was doing, I developed 2 ways to see the lump under the skin using a regular camera & online free photo editors…I could see biochemistry & malignancy…I shared online the instructions so people could do these techniques themselves…(currently in licensing talks with an App company to make this a one stop process)…People started writing to me to edit pictures for them…So I started doing that, & using my Grove Body Part Chart, I’d often explain the biochemistry of the lump, then explain what elements on the chart to use as “opposites”, to solve the imbalance…Again, I was just trying to be helpful, since I had spent 2 years full time, just researching Cancer, basically for myself…Plus my husband helped with everything along the way…So we got good at this, unfortunately…My father was a neuro-opthalmological surgeon who taught doctors & wrote medical textbooks…Joseph’s grandfather was an Oxford trained physician who served here in Canada as a war time physician…I chose not to go to medical school, because my desire was purely research, not practice at all, & I felt that if I was going to pioneer new ideas, that by the time I finished medical school, my brain would just be filled up with what people already know, & that I would be too used up to innovate…So I became an artist instead, because I felt that with that label, I was free to do anything I wanted with my life…My goal was actually brain research, not oncology, & I have been able to develop some new ideas regarding the brain already…I am an artist…My husband is an artist…We invent & think out of the box…My breast lump is benign now, happily…(though I am experimenting with black salve right now to remove what is left of it…I have switched to the Two feathers black salve, both internally & externally, & if people are interested in the coming month, I will of course post progress notes on my blog, as I always do…) People who know my work, know that I am a proof is in the pudding type of person…My credentials are in my work…My life experience dealing with cancer & eradicating it from my own body is probably more important than all my intellectual theories…

  • Personal:3.5 cm lump, left breast, IDC, Easter 2014…Mammo, ultrasound, core needle biopsy…Declined all treatment…Raw plant based diet( based on Helen Hecker’s book My raw food diet secrets & cure)…Daily 2-3 hour long slow walking…DIY Chemo: Licorice root herb, Madagascar Periwinkle herb, Mugwort herb- simmer in pot with water, drink brew…I also took one from each category on the Minus column of this chart…( not literally- These are families of things in the real world- ie: Titaniums are like Boswellia or hulled hemp seeds, Carbons are oils, )…I got the lump down to benign after about 6 months of hard work…Currently experimenting with black salve internally & topically to remove what is left…( Two Feathers Black Salve)…Here is the Chart I used…
  • silicone


(Biography chatter:from my Author Central page on Amazon-Grove Health Science is a series of 12 books now!) Hi...I'm Sari Grove...Sari sounds like Mary...Grove is the last name I took from my husband, 'cause it is a really nice name, & he was very very good looking, & I married him, & my maiden name, the name I grew up with, was "Slatt", which could be turned into all sorts of unfortunate words, which is why when I was looking for a mate, I sought someone with a cool last name...(I cannot tell you how many totally worthy men I had to ignore due to their last names being unmelodic or otherwise unsuitable...) Grove Canada is a pen name, mostly because when I needed a web address, I could not get Grove.com or even grove.ca, so I just got GroveCanada, due to a serious lack of imagination in that moment...It stuck, so I still use it...I thought this time, if I used Grove Canada as a pen name, that maybe you might look up my blog online, at GroveCanada.ca, & enjoy the freshness of getting information from the horse's mouth, up to the minute, rather than the instant obsoleteness that a book creates...Like a car depreciates as soon as you buy it-a book is old as soon as it is published...For a Virgo perfectionist, this inability to easily update, with a new chapter, with new research, causes me constant worrisome self-abnegating, consternation... I use those dot dot dot things, the etcetera symbol, at the end of my sentences, as a habit-you will always know it is me writing, you will always pause at the end of a sentence to think for a moment, you will remember that poetry is beautiful, & you will take everything I say with a giant grain of Pink Himalayan salt(since the grammatical error will irk you into that state of skepticism)! Love & Hugs, Sari ps. I became a Christian at the age of 21, which may seem like a non sequitur, & though my faith is decent my works may not really do justice to that title-but I thought I'd mention it, since my first name Sari always seems to force an assumption about my background-and though you would be right to assume that it tends to be a Jewish name, you might not be right in assuming that that is what I am going to sound like when I expound on some of my karmic principles or other ethical compasses I have developed...Not that I have done away with my past, it is just I have iced the cake with the new updated version-so if you wrong me, I may just turn the other cheek(New), instead of doing the eye for an eye thing back at you!(old)...

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