These are the days…my firend, I thought they’s ne’er end, those are the days, da da da da t a da…piano

Edith Bunker,

Tetanus shot should kill tentanus, salmonella typhi…

Potassium should kill excess Aurum,

Kindeys should , candies, should kill, GMO grains in candy should kill Bladder…

*I am low iron, low carbon…he is high iron, high nitrogen…perfect fit…

too much Aluminum they call we measles…antidote Titanium…

left rudder, right tailspin, , correct course . right right left. right. stop.


lead plomb fingernails chitin.

olanzapine zyprexa (Oz). 10 mg. x 4 = 4 days.

analysis. copper. lithium. lead plombPb.

(drug grade Cu powder St. John’s Wort.

head. cilantro. coriander. anise, a niece,

tomato=oxygen berry=oxygen

salmon=iodine+nitrogen+life skel<e>t’e(De/ion Sanders)on=calcium + lead Pb

Molybdenum=shiny clear clean

ca vacuum=cleaning/clearing the air suck magnetic iron reverse decision hoops H basketball suck

for <every>ecery(ecelery) c vacuum

there is an equal & n opposite re-vaccuum

push shove aggression hostility class Nitrogen…

thus vacuum tends manganese, brother tends nitrogen…

it is a swirl


from left to the right , from rear to the front, regurgitate is an option…

Oh that!


tail on a piglet! Giving thanks on Thanksgiving 2016…

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