From the DIY Cancer Repair Manual Facebook Group:(yes, it is an alternative medicine for cancer treatment)!

“It is an 18 ingredient proprietary herbal recipe passed down through generations-an Indian recipe…A man named Robert Roy consults over the phone, while you take it…There is a book by Susan Liberty Hall called Ha! I laugh in the face of cancer, that describes her experience with Two feathers…(Her very famous brother went conventional & passed away-they both got cancer around the same time)…The site is at healingformula dot net & Robert’s phone number is there…You take the black paste & put it into empty gelatin capsules yourself-usually 2 a day, an eighth of a teaspoon…But it can be used in an enema, douche or gargle as well…Some just roll into a ball & swallow…It is a 6 week program-with 2 days off every two weeks…Retail cost is around $140 a jar-but often people need maybe 3…There is a site I found recently that has Two feathers for something like $112 if you need 3 jars at once(Synergistic Nutrition)…Anyone can get a full wholesale price from Two Feathers if they can arrange a 12 jar order-then distribute it to who all shared in the order…(you get at least $50 off per jar)…I didn’t hot link the site because I have done so, so many times I think the group might be weary…But several members have taken two feathers & several are taking it now…It has a 38 year history & Robert has consulted maybe 80,000 people over the years, over the phone…It is the absolute best thing I have found out there so far…”