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Oh…The site you are on is hosted by HOSTAWESOME & it is located at in case you forgot…This is a WORDPRESS.ORG site…(the plug-in kind) is an ONLINE APP(HTML5)fully active  This is the website on Wix we moved FROM to this one!


Sari on Typepad(2103)

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Sari on Webs(I forget when-in between somwhere)

Sari on Nabble(maybe 2007-ish?)
In Toronto:snail mail…(it is nice to get real mail…so go ahead)…
Sari Grove(or Joseph Grove)or both ie:Joseph & Sari Grove(don’t say “Joe” he hates that)…
#306-15 McMurrich st.
Toronto, Ontario
M5R 3M6


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“It is easier to meet people when you are going in the opposite direction”…Sari Grove