Note: I have added a few more chemo types to make this post more comprehensive…

This 4 type chemo program was offered to someone recently with breast cancer…

4 chemo offer at princess margaret in toronto
4 chemo offer at princess margaret in toronto

Fluorouracil – Fluorine:Colon(Pineal Gland( , antagonizes Bismuth…Alternative Moringa Oleifera powder…

Epirubicin- Zinc that lowers Lead in Frontal lobe & Thyroid gland…Alternative high dose 50,000 iu per week Vitamin D 3, liposomal vitamin C megadose…Citrus fruits like pink grapefruit, lemon, orange juice

Cyclophosphamide – mustard- Another Selenium that lowers blood sugar in Pancreas…( occipital lobe) Alternative Pancreatic enzymes Wobenzym, garlic, cayenne pepper, l- lysine

Docetaxel /Taxotere-Iodine: antagonizes Calcium, Adrenal Gland( Pituitary gland)…Alternative – Iodines Iodoral , Liquid Kelp or kelp pills in high dose, Seaweed extracts & powders, seaweed salads & sea vegetables

Adding to this list:

Abraxane is in the Taxane class of chemo drugs:hence it acts like Iodine(& Vinpocetine) if you are looking to duplicate it alternatively…

Carboplatin & Cisplatin:Act like antibiotics-they lower blood sugar in the Pancreas…Alternatively use Pancreatic enzymes, raw garlic, hot peppers, black pepper, mustards, cruciferous vegetables like cabbage & broccoli & bok choy…

Cisplatin/Taxol/herceptin: Combo for triple negative or inflammatory breast cancers…So if you want to mimic a winning chemo combo, Cisplatin is in the Selenium family on our chart, Taxol is an Iodine, & Herceptin is an Oxygen-so an alternative combo might look like-Pancreatic Enzymes(Wobenzym),Vinpocetine (Pure Encapsulations)Note:Vinpocetine is in the Iodine family & is used in real chemo too, & B17( store 20 mg per 10 lbs of body weight)B17 is an Oxygen that is also in apricot kernels 1 per 10 lbs of body weight…

More types of Chemotherapy:


Methotroxate inhibits Folic acid(which is Aurum B12 on the chart), so it is a POTASSIUM chemo…(lowers blood pressure, good for those with MTHFR gene mutation)…

Vincristine chemo is an Iodine:


You can mimic Vincristine chemo with Madagascar Periwinkle herb…Also Vinpocetine supplements are very similar…Seaweed supplements powders & liquids are close too…Kelp things too…Algaes as well…

Etoposide:Is an Oxygen class chemo drug that cleans out the Liver…

etoposide oxygen
etoposide oxygen
methotroxate, cyclophosphamide, cisplatin, etoposide, vincristine
methotroxate, cyclophosphamide, cisplatin, etoposide, vincristine

(example of a chemo strategy used for a medulloblastoma)…


COMMENT by Sari Grove(explaining the chart):

“Ok, so the chart is called the Grove Body Part Chart…It shows 12 body parts…The last row called Gender is the prostate gland in men & skene’s gland in women…Ok…So Each body part has 2 elements…They live in balance…for health…They are opposites…The Minus element detoxes or cleans the body part…(some people say “methylates”)…The Plus element feeds or repairs…So for an anticancer protocol you need one of each of the Minus elements…To clean each body part…There is also a brain part chart that connects…I will add that…Ok…Now the elements on the chart are representatives of families of things in the real world…For example-Copper could mean coffee or tea or licorice root or coriander…Magnesium could mean epsom salts or exercise which raises magnesium too…Fluorine is in Moringa Oleifera…Boron is in small flowered Willowherb but also in Borax…Titanium is in white willow bark or hulled hemp seeds or hemp oil or mint or oregano or holy basil or basil or aspirin even…Manganese is in nuts & sees & Flaxseed oil & bloodroot tincture & mugwort herb & nutmeg…Zinc is in vitamin c & fruits & sunshine & infrared lightbulbs & saunas…I do explain this on my blog & in my books, so this is the Cole’s notes form…Your chemo regime covered the 4 areas I circled…Potassium/methotroxate, Selenium/cyclophosphamide & cisplatin, Oxygen/etoposide, & Iodine/vincristine…By arranging strange words like the chemo names or herb names into categories it is much easier to know what they do & what body part they help…”

Vinorelbine is made from Rosy Periwinkle…You can buy the herb Periwinkle & just simmer in water & drink…That was a facet of my DIY chemo…Vinorelbine is in the Iodine family…vinorelbine

Perjeta (used for Her2+ in combination with Herceptin); is made from antibodies produced in Hamster Ovaries…(one might guess that it produces a Copper type effect-since the ovaries contain both Phosphorus & Copper, & the active medicine would be the Copper family…but that is a guess for now, sorry…)

ALBENDAZOLE: Is a Magnesium antiparasitic…that works in the gallbladder…

Mannitol is a Potassium that works in the heart…

*Corticosteroids? Cortisone…is a Lead that works on the bone…(adds bone density-patches up bone holes so worms cannot burrow in cracks & fissures & holes injuries in bone…)* Cortisone is a PLUS element on the chart…

Here are more types of chemo you may get offered…(Thanks to K.S. for providing me with this list)

Adriamycin (chemical name: doxorubicin)
Pegylated liposomal doxorubicin (brand names: Doxil or Caelyx)
Taxol (chemical name: paclitaxel)
Xeloda (chemical name: capecitabine)
Gemzar (chemical name: gemcitabine)
Navelbine (chemical name: vinorelbine)
Halaven (chemical name: eribulin)
Cytoxan (chemical name: cyclophosphamide)
Carboplatin (brand name Paraplatin)
Taxotere (chemical name: docetaxel)
Abraxane (chemical name: albumin-bound paclitaxel)
Cisplatin (brand name: Platinol AQ)
Ellence (chemical name: epirubicin)
Ixempra (chemical name: ixabepilone)
Doxil (chemical name: doxorubicin)

blurb from site: “are helping women diagnosed with recurrent or metastatic breast cancer live longer.”

I will parse what these are later…sigh…soon…promise…!Sari Grove

(will add info as I parse each one…thanks, sari)

in image…epirubicin, cyclophosphamide, herceptin, tamoxifen, fluorouracil…



Notes:Taxol is Iodine family…Adrenal Gland…Pituitary gland in brain…Its opposite element (PLUS element), is Calcium…So, to reverse damage caused by Taxol, Milk(for example) might be a way…



Notes: Perjeta is a Copper…In the Spleen & Broca’s area in the brain…Its opposite is Phosphorus…So to reverse damage caused by Perjeta, Kefir(liquid yogurt), (for example) might be a way to help repair…



New: “”CHOP” is cyclophosphamide (Selenium family) on the chart, hydroxydaunorubicin( also selenium family), Oncovin( Iodine family), & Prednisone( Lead family)…

You can mimic CHOP with Pancreatic enzymes( shop), lots of raw garlic, cayenne pepper, spicy hot peppers, sriracha sauce, cruciferous vegetables ( or DIM suppplement), antibiotics, metformin…

Oncovin is vincristine- you can use the herb Madagascar periwinkle, Iodoral at 10 mg per 10 lbs of body weight, kelp & seaweed supplements & foods…

Prednisone is Lead family- this is used as an adjuvant to ease effects of the chemo- you can mimic this with tons of carrot juice, potatoes, yams, lithium orotate, cod liver oil, vitamin a, beta carotene( Note- prednisone things are Not detox, so this category is only used if doing severe drug interventions that make you weak!)…


Rituximab is a Manganese…Bloodroot capsules work as a great alternative!


Ibrance is a copper that inhibits phosphorus…Alternatives are licorice root tincture (4:1 ratio), Tyrosine supplements, coffee, tea, Yerba mate, coriander seeds, cilantro leafs…


Herceptin is an oxygen like b17 pills, ellagiac acid caps, milk thistle, dandelion root, ozone, eucalyptus & rosemary essential oils…

Zoladex is a Carbon…







AC chemo= cyclophosphamide ( adriamycin)doxorubicin…