Dr. Bernard Jensen went to the rainbow bridge in February of 2001…That made me cry…& my Irises got wet…

Note:The SCLERA(white part) around the Iris(coloured part) is RED with Broken Blood Vessels in this picture because the Subject got punched in the eye…Credit Dr. Bernard Jensen for the Iridology chart used to establish where things are in the Iris…(Gelatin powder is another source of Aurum…) 

On the Iridology chart, the Pituitary gland is on a 33 degree angle from centre as you face the picture on your computer…NNW North North West…From the centre of the eye where the Black PUPIL is, radiating outward…

The Pituitary Gland (closest to the pupil on the 33 degree angle), the Hypothamalus(on the same angle but further outward towards edge of Iris), The Corpus Callossum(at the edge of the Iris on the same 33 degree angle NW North West)…

This ORDER represents the flow of the brain from inner to outer, like the shape of a shrimp…pithypcor




Legend:(colours in centre of circles)

The male pupil is made of Lead…grey

The male Iris is made of Aurum…blue

The male Sclera is made of Mercury…white

Lyme disease...Mercury in excess too!
Lyme disease…Mercury in excess too!

Caution:Wound healing if there is Cancer present...If there is Cancer, & a wound, then traditional wound healing methods may be dangerous…Wound healing requires one approach, anticancer requires its opposite…If one focusses on closing a wound, by applying something topically, be aware that whatever topical used will later systemic biochemistry as well…Adding honey raises blood sugar levels in the pancreas, not just superficially…Which means that your wound may heal, but under the surface, you are actually feeding a parasite…Cosmetics aside, the parasite(s) must be eradicated…Once eradicated the pain & wound should heal up naturally…Remove the scorpion & it stops biting…Probiotics raise Phosphorus levels in the Spleen-even topically…If wound healing is a priority, then consider that removing or killing the parasite will stop the wound…Feeding the skin may cause it to “look” like it is healing, but underneath, it could be very very dangerous…Traditional wound healing methods are for wounds created by cuts, scrapes, surgeries, trauma…When ticks or other bugs are present (like in Lyme disease), eradicating the tick eggs/sperm is how to get the wound to stop hurting…It hurts because they bite/are eating…Apologies for this comment…Really…Sari Grove

CBD oil works for high cholesterol situations…Goldenseal salve works for Lead poisoning…Myrrh works for squamous cell Pancreas…Salt Spring Island where the algae blooms are toxic from the Phosphorus overload in the water-too many people dumping their sexual bodily fluids directly into the lake from their boats instead of emptying out the boat toilet manually & delivering to the water filtration taken at the Marina where they are supposed to by law deliver…It is harder to do, but possible…If they need help(older or tired), volunteers could offer to clean out boat septic tank every Christmas & deliver to marina septic tank for water filtration…If they don’t, you get Phosphorus in lake directly untreated which leads to Algae blooms…Salmonella Typhi Bacterium love to eat algae blooms of this nature…It’s like mayonnaise that has spoiled but worse! Cleaning up the habits of the boat people, cleaning up the lake, infusing the Lake (St. Mary’s Lake on Salt spring island)with Coppers, will save the lake & the wildlife aka fish…By proxy the people too…