Swallow Healthy Diet
Our cats get Balance from Phytopet daily in wet food about 15 drops…We order 12 bottles from swallowhealthydiet.com in England…Costs about $12/month…It contains:Vitus Agnus Castus, Dandelion, Sepia & Passion Flower…Keeps them out of heat…Been using it for 10 years…Works for other animals too, even humans…You could also mix those tinctures up yourself…Works for both genders…It is a commitment but at least in our case, was worth it…

Yes…It keeps them out of heat…Reduces sexual obsession…Reduces aggressiveness…It is herbal so they do need to get it every day-though after a while it loads up & if you get lazy you do have a grace period…The monks used to take Vitex to keep them celibate…They called it Monk’s salt…You could probably mix it yourself…If you don’t want to order it from England…Or become a North American distributor & change the way people deal with their pets…( 🙂 )

More:”I had time when I got married & so did my husband, so we were willing to explore if you could keep a bengal cat unspayed with other methods & not go crazy…We spent a long time researching & came up with some solutions based on what we were able to afford & do here in Canada…We also got a breeder’s license & joined several associations & got certifications so that we would know how to handle things intelligently…We are both self-employed which is key…There are things you can do if a cat goes into heat because they didn’t eat food that day with the herbal in it…(The other cat was eating both plates)…It has been very rewarding though…Intact bengal cats are highly intelligent, vivacious, they vocalize, play fetch, take baths & like water, & help around the house…They are not fat or dopey or lazy, instead quite lean & still look very young…It has been work but worth the trip…Each to his or her own however…”