Navy beans+1 Molybdenum+1 Gadolinium +1.1 Soy Beans +1

Boats “Bird on a Wire” version Jennifer Warnes a lady singer who sometimes sings with** on Spotify written by Leonard Cohen -of Famous Blue Raincoat fame – Montreal Mtl. (Canadiens hockey television’ )


Crystal Meth -12(inhaled smoked crack cocaine copper- but you added oxygen fire 800 degrees Fahrenheit) to it which makes boron -12) refer to Cu Copper -9 is Boron but street grade Heroine -12.2(injected usually surgically like acupuncture))-propofyle(inhaled by anaestheologi-gyst-sist -12.1) titrate the dosages!!! very important! dr. paul mccutcheon east york animal clinic the also BJ on MASH!!!

(rhymes with pedophile)very effective for removing Prostate cancer but also Cancer of the Skene’s Gland which occurs in the private parts specifically up the vagina inside the uterus on the other side of the the(tall new buildings is the name of a band as is ‘Fishbone’ “we all everybody” series on tv Lost ) wall where the padding is that they call the ‘G’ spot the pillow at the back of the uterus where people sometimes find a spider cancer up there which Dr. Christopher had referred to as “spider cancer” & recommended a vaginal bolus which is a thing you stick up your vagina with medicine embedded in it it because there is a spider living up there which you gotta kill…takes 6 months…

I learned at **McGill first year Medicine 1989 that if a spider is on your territory re:inside your home that you are allowed to kill it-hence the principle of private property ie for example: your own body is private property despite the fact that the vagina is like a valley your airspace is your own… !

credits: Scar Trek the BPYC electricity mink TWC cat-o-holics $500 Cdn Curr. & the Swans – referred pain Dr. Spano-Greco The Museum Tavern above the medical dental building on Bloor street beside where the McDonald’s was…