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Yes…I waited until two years after diagnosis, after all my detox, diet, exercise, was done…Lump was inert…I also spent a very long time in the Black Salve discussion group, the Bloodroot discussion group(their names have changed slightly recently but you can still find both), read Ingrid Naiman’s book on salves, & participated vigorously in the groups so I could make some friends, & get over some of my fears…I began with the bloodroot capsules from Zenith herbals…Everyone says to start internally first to prepare…Then I started salving with the Zenith herbals black salve…I got a very small response, & it was not very painful…I did have Mersyndol on hand just in case(strongest over the counter pain reliever-get from pharmacist)…This was a good first try & got over my fear of the pain…I salved several times after…Still just a superficial response…I wasn’t getting at the whole lump…I applied DMSO cream with Aloe, & ordered the Amazon deep tissue salve to see if I could do better…This time, it started to hurt so I popped a Mersyndol…The next day, I applied a little clove oil after washing off the salve & the area started leaking out dissolved tumour! That was so cool! Encouraged, I repeated the salving…Turns out applying salve on a wound is not a good idea…Hurts too much! Washed it off & applied DMSO cream with aloe again(wonder cream)…Let it heal, salved again after…Same sort of leakage thing, but still not getting the whole lump really…Ordered Two feathers Black salve which is the Rolls Royce of salves…This is the original Indian recipe…The owner only sells it if you call him & speak to him personally…He will consult the whole way through…Totally worth it conversation! This black salve you eat 1/8 of a teaspoon of it twice a day for 6 weeks-you apply it topically on day 7…This salve is in a book called “Ha, I laugh in the face of Cancer” where the author tells how her breast tumours dissolve initially with the internal salve…Then she does it topically & like a whole bunch come out…I am waiting on the shipment from Nevada to start this…It cost something like $125 a jar, so it is twice as much as the other salves…But it is rumoured to be worth it…The consult ability over the phone during the salve process is worth the price…I do track what I have done on my site in pictures…But there isn’t that much to see yet…If you join the groups the pictures will blow your mind…A lady just removed a 5 cm lump!!!!!

.Join these two groups if you are considering Black Salve & Bloodroot capsules…


Below is what it all looks like now…This after several salves(Zenith Herbals black salve & Amazon deep tissue black salve)…The area is still healing…I use DMSO cream with Aloe(it’s rose scented!), which is kind of a miracle healing cream-except I ran out!!! I have started taking the Two Feathers Black salve internally today, 1/8 of a teaspoon twice a day after breakfast & dinner…For 6 weeks…I am not going to do any more topical salving until all the skin has healed up there…I don’t want to scar myself permanently there…So I am taking this slow…

Mon.April 4th, 2016
Mon.April 4th, 2016

anticancerQuestion someone asked:After starting the Bloodroot capsules my progesterone level readings seemed to be much higher? I am not sure if it is the bloodroot or not?
Ok, I am going to explain a few things…Bloodroot is a Manganese…Look at the Chart…It’s opposite element is Iron…These two elements live as opposites in the Thymus which makes blood…On the Chart, the Minus elements are detox type items…The Plus elements are repair type items…Bloodroot lowers Iron…When you lower Iron, if there is a cyst or tumour, it causes them to detach…Now on to the hormones…Progesterone acts like Calcium…You are way down in the Adrenal Gland…Calcium & Iodine are opposites…To lower Calcium you use Iodines…Estrogen is in the Spleen & is a Phosphorus…To lower Phosphorus you use Coppers…Though I know you will have read this a thousand times, Estrogen(Phosphorus), & Calcium(Progesterone) are not opposites in any way, shape , or form…When you drink milk(calcium), it does not lower your cheese levels(phosphorus)…The paradigm is wrong…Back to the start…Bloodroot is a Minus element, that in no way shape or form could possibly increase progesterone Calcium…Bloodroot on the other hand, can lower Iron levels so much that you feel dizzy, nauseous, vomity, & feel like your heart is weak…In that case, keep some gentle Iron pills on hand to antidote the overdoing of the detox…p.s. Shoot…I just realized what may have happened…If you take a Manganese like bloodroot, it causes a large detox effect…if you had very high Iron levels ot begin with, the Iron cascade will flow down into the next body part down the chart…As it gets processed by the body, each body part will get filled up with the discarded toxic gunk…Eventually as it makes its way down to the Adrenal gland, that toxic gunk could gum up the adrenals causing a high progesterone Calcium reading…Possibly…Just theorizing…So the bloodroot is not increasing calcium levels(progesterone), it is just moving gunk from your blood(thymus gland) all the way down the body…That may be why your readings were high…I think that makes sense…A detox reaction…Which re-emphasizes the point that you have to slowly detox each body part while doing salve & bloodroot capsules…


…In the interest of science, I thought I’d see how other salves work, so we could get an idea of the differences…The Zenith Herbal salve was so gentle I did not need a painkiller…Eschars came up as described…It was textbook safe & predictable with none of the terror…The Amazon deep tissue salve began to feel painful, & I did take a Mersyndol before it became worse…It was night & I felt like sleeping instead of waiting to see if it got unbearable…The next morning a prtion of the lump which was closest to the skin had become liquid under the skin…I applied pharmacy Clove oil after washing off the salve with just water…When I applied the Clove oil, a corner of the , um, area, started to leak…I pressed it & stuff oozed out…It was some dissolved tumour…The liquid was clear, then dead blood like dead burgundy colour, then white stuff, then there was harder stuff at the end…It was really cool & I was thrilled…But still I was not grabbing at the lump deeper down…Just the top part…DMSO with Aloe cream, let it heal up…Tried again…Same sort of reaction, the liquification, but still not getting under the lump, or the whole thing at all…Let it heal, dmso with aloe cream…salved a few more times, got frustrated…Was making a mess on the surface & not getting more stuff…Stopped, let it heal…Ran out of cream…Called Rob Roy at Two Feathers after reading Susan Liberty Hall’s book “Ha, I laugh in the face of Cancer”…ordered two jars of two feathers black salve…Started taking this salve orally 1/8 teaspoon twice a day after breakfast & dinner…Am to do that for 6 weeks…On day 7 I can start topical salving if I want…This salve has no zinc chloride in it…It has a recipe with 18 ingredients that was an old Indian recipe designed to remove those things on horses legs…The big circle growths they get…It does have bloodroot…Don’t know what else it is proprietary…Started taking it…It is far less strong than the Zenith bloodroot capsules(which are double strength)…But I am tolerating it better because I tend to be iron anemic & after losing 50 lbs on raw plant based diet in 2014(6 months), plus all the Mugwort I drank(DUY chemo recipe-my 6th book-see my site to read that for free-it is called RepoWoman), & all the nuts & manganese, I can’t really tolerate the high strength of a strong capsule…Even with this stuff, I had to throw in some gentle Iron pills one day when I worked too hard & my iron levels went way too low…(my iron drops when I think too much-which is always-husband says he can see smoke coming out of my ears)…I have not begun a topical assay with the two feathers-though I wonder how it could possibly work considering it has no Zinc Chloride? I is also very much more expensive than anything else on the market…I did enjoy chatting with Robert Roy, he is a lovely kind man…As are the Zenith people too who have to endure me talking about other companies’ products on their own group page…I have tracked my progress on my site in posts, but there is not much to look at-especially comparing to that 5 cm thing that came out!!! (I am awed…)

Editor’s note: avocadoes #1 eggs #2 thiocyanate (Sari’s remember to eat order)

Excerpt from the Amazon page about Matrix Bloodroot salve…Please consult with Janina Ward about use…(certified professional) “This hand blended formula is blended from pure organic herbs and certified pure therapeutic grade essential oils and contains: Bloodroot (Sanguinaria Canadensis)/Manganese, Zinc Chloride/Zinc & Fluorine=Copper Cu, Chaparral/Selenium, Burdock Root/Oxygen, Graviola Root/Potassium, Poke root/Iodine, Goldenseal/Zinc, Echinacea/Aluminum, Thyme/Titanium, thyme essential oil/Titanium & Carbon, and pure frankincense oil/Titanium & Carbon, Tumeric/Zinc, Neem Oil/Fluorine or Titanium-not sure, Castor Oil/Aluminum maybe & Carbon-not sure, olive oil/Nitrogen & Carbon, grapeseed oil/Oxygen & Carbon and hemp oil/Titanium & Carbon; DMSO/Selenium. 85 ounce glass jar/Silicon Sand Fire Mercury & Oxygen. It is imperative that these ingredients be stored in glass, not metal, tin or plastic. Beware of other products sold in inappropriate containers. If product becomes dry you may add olive oil to re-hydrate, do not use metal to stir. Average of 75 applications per jar.” continue reading in this post PART 5 bloodroot salve…