“We advocate and support cancer patients, in doing so we come across those that have tried all sorts of treatments. As of late we have seen a number of people 6-9-12 months out from taking PNC27. Their cancer still there but they are beginning to show side effects of total cellular dehydration. Organs are dehydrating and nothing you do stops it. Everyone have died, some horrible deaths as the brain dehydrated. What no one is realizing is that this PNC27 is using up the hydration of the cell and blocking it from rehydrating, thus it dies, but once they tested it in vitro they moved on to humans. No one tested what happens down the road. If read all the patents it says they did not see tumor reduction. They did not test it long enough after they though they got the results they wanted to see if it effected any normal cells. The patents were done by others, not the one selling it by the way. So we are looking at a disaster. The next problem is no one is following patients out that far after they leave the clinics they are getting this stuff from. The patient goes silent after 9-12 months – oh well, no one connects the PNC27 to the death. We are. And we have gotten some experts in the field of medicine and research to go through all the studies and information, the signs are there. Read the patents and you will see it was destine to kill people.”

From Sari: (re:above)This was a comment on a post that I thought should get first line attention…Please take a look at what Jesicas Hope offers as treatment options(out of the box!)