C Carbon family:
Spray canola Oil
Super Limming tea (Senna) triple Leaf tea Company
Essential OILS (eScents Diffuser Cumberland terrace)
NOW essential Oils (Well.ca)lemon eucalyptus peppermint falvours/flavours
eJuice vape Oil M.E.O. Mother earth organics (Vape store Yonge & PInthouse South of Pinthouse bar H heroin Bo Boron Bleach)
VITABATH effervescsent effervescent Vitamin C DeChlorination Tabs 1000 mg milligrams 20 Tablets
Heavy metals Defense powder mixed with Canola oil Spray rubbed onto scalp…
Stand under RubyLux Nir-infrared lightbulb to get scalp in under
Color Charm #12 colour with 20 strength Hydrogen peroxide cream, mixed with paintbrush plastic silicon Si Hg Mercury & Mb Molybdenum brushes fibres…In dish Mb Molybdneum Cosmetic World…
Time:45 minutes