So cool 

Just thought of something Sari 

One of the things among many I have felt so comellwd to your work is not only  the fact we can heal our bodies naturally and not give our power away to just what the main stream says which so much of the time we end up scared and more sick but the fact your are bringing ar by seeing and observing the different colors, compare them, is almost like  inner child curiosity is coming back to life almost in a playful way 

Your art work with the NIDI

has brought at least for me my inner child  curiosity and even enjoying and having a bit of fun seeing the different colors showing up and how the associate with different elements 

“So the cancer biz can be not only taken on our hands but can bring our inner playful spirts back to life”

What do you thing about that phrase to add on the NIDI imagining 

The art of curiosity and playfulness to heal our bodies minds and emotional bodies ❤️

“Your body is your temple, not a machine to make money…”