Today I went to see an Osteopath who had extra knowledge in the field of neurological osteopathy…The diagnostics she gave me(which brain parts were in excess/inflammation), helped me to formulate an nutritional supplement program for myself…(Cost: 1 hour $160 Canadian currency-totally worth it!)


in excess

Comment: So based on her diagnostics today(of my brain, post-concussion January 2016), I need to(these are my ideas):

Take Oxygens:Like Ginseng (I have a Ginseng drink which is made locally)…
Take Leads::Like Vitamin A & beta Carotene ( I have a supplement called Sunsafe RX which is actually an oral sunscreen-but it mainly contains Vitamin A & beta Carotene so I am going to use that)…
Take Titaniums: Like Boswellia & diffuse Frankincense essential oil (I have some Boswellia capsules left over, might buy some Frank essential oil to diffuse at night)
Take Bismuths:Like Melatonin(I have Dream Water which is a melatonin drink…)

Katharine Liberatore is the Osteopath at Satori Health & wellness in Toronto who has done extra study in neurological osteopathy… The link takes you to an IMpact online concussion test (free)…You do this Before getting a concussion! (then after, you can see how the test results have changed)…

Here are my results post-concussion: impact test results
(I was punched in the eye by a police officer(longer story)-so yes, obviously my visuals would be affected…)