How to get rid of a breast lump

Our books were professionally edited & rewritten by Justin Wood(…This tremendous energy helped me to break through into my brain to body part connection map…(about that:I should explain a bit what happened during the professional writing process…When someone rewrites your work, the rewrite contains new ideas put forth by the rewriter…This was very interesting to me as an author…It shed some light on my own work, it gave me confidence that my work was understandable, & it gave me some new ideas from a different perspective…So it was a very useful process…HOWEVER, I did not actually USE the rewritten manuscripts in the final edition of the books…I went back to my own original hokey pokey manuscripts…Why? because the “voice” was changed…It was no longer my voice, it was somebody else’s voice…Also, it was no longer authentic…It was no longer ‘straight from the horse’s mouth’-the best way to get information, if you know horses, & listen to them speak…So I did not use the rewritten work…But I did benefit from the process of paying someone else to do a rewrite…My brain to body parts a-ha moment came soon after reading the rewrite…So I had a content breakthrough even though I was trying for technical corrections…Also, I still gave credit & say the books were professionally edited & rewritten…They were…It’s just you’re not seeing that pdf…You’re getting mine…)
My credentials:(Sari Grove) *beyond my genetics, culture, education, family history, I have also put in my “10,000” hours(& more) in medical research, writing & thinking…It has been said it takes about 10,000 hours to become an expert in just about anything…That is about 10 years of working at something…(Truth is, medicine has been my hobby, since about 1987 when I subscribed to Hippocrates magazine while attending McGill University in Montreal…)
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Gallbladder asked me if I would put a link in for them & whilst I don’t usually say yes, I thought their pictures of where a Gallbladder is were pretty cool & informative…)