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I feel dizzy while taking the bloodroot capsules?

It’s the Manganese in bloodroot, it lowers Iron…Take too much & you get classical symptoms of Iron anemia…But most tumours benign or malignant have an Iron component which makes them hard…Manganese deals with that…

Are cancer & parasites & candida all related?

In my research, the parasites(in cancer) look like Salmonella Typhi bacterium, which feed on the same thing that Candida does(Phosphorus)…

How do you get rid of parasites?

Most anti-parasitic formulas contain the 3 part profile developed by Dr. Hulda Clark…1)Wormwood 2)Black Walnut Hull 3)Clove …You can buy all 3 separately or get a 3 in one…I have done both ways several times(not in a row), because you want to be sure…It’s easier if you get a 3 in one…(Note: quirky thing-I found if I empty the capsules into a liquid they work better than if I just swallow the capsules…I think I may have a problem digesting capsules)…

I am confused about Artemisinin, Wormwood, & Mugwort which wikipedia says is also Artemisinin?

There are two distinct herbs that are in the Artimisia family that seem to get confused(me included)..One is Wormwood that is Zinc family & reduces lead levels…One is Mugwort that is in Manganese family that reduces iron levels…They are very close…Traditionally the thing called Wormwood is the antiparasitic one Dr. Hulda Clark mentions, which lowers lead levels…Artemisia Annua is Wormwood(Zinc)…Mugwort is Artemisia Vulgaris(Manganese)…

I am finding it hard to sort out all the herbs & supplements to take for an anticancer protocol?

Here is my Grove Body Part Chart if this helps…There is a more complex one with brain parts too on my site(scroll down to the bottom of this page & you will see the larger Grove brain body part chart if someone needs that…(It is the basis for all my books, the chart)…

The Minus column detoxes...The Plus column feeds...
The Minus column detoxes…The Plus column feeds…

How does the Chart work?

The chart has 12 body parts or organs…Going vertically down the page…(Gender is the prostate gland in men & Skene’s gland in women)…Each body part has TWO elements a Minus element & a Plus element…They work together…Minuses subtract as in detox or cleanse…Pluses feed & repair & heal…They are opposites…So raising one can lower the other or vice versa like a seesaw…Look at the Thymus…It shows Manganese & Iron…They are opposites…We know Bloodroot is a Manganese…So its opposite is Iron…The numbers are just the strength of that element…The strongest Minus element is Boron -12…The strongest Plus element is Lead +12…Which is why if you want to remove Lead+12 with a Zinc(like Vitamin C), Zinc is only a -1…So you need alot of Vitamin C to remove Lead…hence IV Vitamin C or megadosing…My books are all free on my site-there are smaller versions to download too if you have a phone with Kindle on it…

Why did you choose the Latin word for some of the elements from the Periodic table of elements & the English word for others?

I chose to use the word Aurum on my chart instead of Gold because I thought the word gold was a trigger for some people…(too much Aurum can cause high blood pressure, so you have to be careful with words…My family doctor is Dr. Seuss though)…

I am sorry for asking you to again explain how the chart works…?

No it is good…I have some problems with thinking that people can read my mind…Sometimes I delete basics from my explanations because I assume the contents of my brain are an open book…Must be cause I fell on the back of my head as a child(wanted to be a firewoman at the age of 2-1/2 & used to slide down our bannister at top speeds…don’t really want to be a firewoman anymore-though I like their calendars smile…

Tell me about aggressive cancers?

Ok…So recently I discovered some differences between standard breast cancers which are estrogen(Phosphorus) progesterone(calcium) & Her2(hydrogen) positive & the more aggressive ones like triple negative & metaplastic…The more aggressive ones also have high choline(aluminum) & high glutamate(Nitrogen) as an extra feature…In English that means high cholesterol & high glutens…So besides the
” normal” things I recommend for the standard types which are most common, I’d throw in extra attention to cholesterol & glutens for the more aggressive types…I have a blog post I just wrote which has the basics on it…Hang on…Let me get it…

Also there is another marker e-cadherin …E-Cadherin inhibits cholesterol, so if it is low that is not good…Here’s the blog post

I have been cheating…My husband & my mother both force me to eat food…6 months of the year here is winter, so I sort of knew winter was going to be a bust…Then my mom got (deleted this cause my mum actually said not to mention it anymore-she’s ok now though!) for 7 weeks, & I moved into her house to take care of her…Diet out the window…Came back home & my husband was on a diet of alcohol & bar food…My diet lost heart again…I did lose 50 lbs though on my 6 month raw vegetable diet( Helen Hecker’s book My raw food diet secrets & cure)...Plus I overdid the detox sort of, so I’ve been coasting a bit…Pretty sure I am all clear…Still doing some antiparasitic supplements to clear out any Herxeimer type leftovers…Bugs scare the heck out of me…(I am pretty sure cancer & bugs are not a coincidental occurrence!)

Things I can do for metastasized breast cancer in particular?

Just to reiterate, Coppers, Titaniums, & Carbons would be things to make sure one gets with metastasized BC along with the standard Iodines, & antiparasitic rounds & well, just all everything else you are already doing…Proteins are tough…I got to be B12 deficient- dentist caught it- was grinding my teeth…Taurine powder or clam juice fixes that a bit…

What about Basal cell carcinoma?

I do have some answers for Basal Cell Carcinoma…But you’re not going to like them…Mostly because it involves Fluorine…Most people are anti-fluorine these days…I was too…Except for the fact that Fluorine is very useful for cleaning out Bismuth…Bismuth is found in soot, charcoal, airborne exhaust from cars, the paper that burns & you inhale it either from cigarettes or marijuana, wood burning fires, barbecued foods & barbecuing…In lumps or tumours, Fluorine makes them smooth which is desirable…Bismuth family makes them gravelly, uneven , textured, by feel or look…Parsley is high in fluorine, but of course fluoridated toothpaste is a no-brainer…I am sorry…I bet you don’t use fluoride…Also melatonin is in the bismuth family…If you do take melatonin, know that the bumpiness is reversible if you then ingest a fluorine…Mouthwashes from the dentist also have fluorine…Don’t overdo the fluorine it is very strong on my chart…Next one is Boron…Boron is the strongest “Minus” element on my chart…Cleans out Molybdenum which can clog the Cerebral Aqueduct…Molybdenum can also clog Skene’s gland which is the female prostate…So Boron…Those two things make skin & the shiny coating on top of skin-so are specifically involved with bcc(basal cell carcinoma)…That’s my theory anyway…Actually pretty new…(I added a 12th row to my chart when I found I only had 22 chromosomes on my first chart-oops…Now I have 24-which is one extra for the baker!)

What is this chart?

The Grove Body Part Chart is earlier in the comments…The Grove brain ‘n Body Part Chart is slightly bigger-has the brain parts too…The first one is easier to understand…The second one is for people with brain problems or imbalances as I prefer to call them…Here is the second one…It is pretty new so still a little rough around the edges sorry..

Grove Brain 'n Body Part Chart
Grove Brain ‘n Body Part Chart

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About Black Salve, Bloodroot capsules(Zenith Herbals, also Black salve Discussion group on Facebook, & Black salve Bloodroot capsules group on Facebook)

Since bloodroot is a Manganese element, it will react with Iron elements…iron is a component of both benign & malignant tumours…This is important because if bloodroot reacts to iron, which it does & should, then what people are calling “cancer” is not exactly correct…A tumour which is benign will also have an iron component…But it is not cancer…It is a tumour however…Many people forget that benign tumours are not cancerous…Just because bloodroot is reacting to something does not mean that it is necessarily cancerous…I know the theory is that it only reacts to cancer…But I think I might disagree on this point…I think it only reacts to TUMOURS…benign or malignant…It will find a tumour…But I do not think that it is only finding cancerous tumours…This seems to be a word of mouth thing that has propagated…But the chemistry doesn’t necessarily bear witness…You may have benign tumours on your chest…Or underneath…But I am not sure they are actually malignant tumours or masses that one could call cancer…technically “cancer” should react to a Copper…The thing that spreads that defines malignant from benign is the Phosphorus which is why I am so obsessed with it/getting rid of it…

But what about Zinc Chloride? In the black salve?

Zinc is a Minus element on our chart -1 weakest minus element…Chlorine or chloride is a member of the Fluorine family but stronger…Fluorine is very strong on the chart -11…Chlorine acts like Fluorine but is stronger…So add them together & you get

 Zn -1  Cl-11= -12

-12 is the strength of Boron -12…Strongest element on the chart…So Zinc Chloride is like Borax…In strength…Caustic…

The Zinc removes Lead(bone)…The Chlorine removes deep Bismuth(skin)…So Zinc chloride has the capacity to eat through skin & even bone…That is a pretty dangerous thing to put on your skin or near to a bone…


Theories about Black Salve…?

Bloodroot as a Manganese reacts to Iron…Zinc reacts to Lead…Chloride reacts to Bismuth…The other ingredients also-Selenium reacts to Sulphur…Potassium reacts to Aurum…I know this is gobbldygook to many, but what I am saying is this…A benign tumour is Calcium Oxalate-standard…Just a lump of calcium with Iron around it to make it hard…A malignant tumour is Calcium Phosphate which is calcium some iron around that & phosphorus-standard…(this is just basic lumps-there are more components usually but just trying for clarity…) But common to all the black salves from different companies is the bloodroot & the zinc chloride usually…Ok what I am saying is that Bloodroot will find Iron…Iron is in both benign & malignant tumours…Just because the salve found a lump with iron in it doesn’t make the lump malignant…Yes it found a tumour…But no, I just don’t think that tumour Has to be “cancer”…I see the word of mouth thing going around that black salve only finds cancer…But so far, it seems, people are not actually certain of this…Is this because yes the salve is finding tumours we didn’t know about? & people are forgetting that not all tumours are malignant? It concerns me because if the salve is reacting to Iron, which it should by its chemical nature, then presence of iron is not conclusive for cancer…It can be cancer but it can also not be cancer…It can just be a benign tumour…Not something that is normal to the body, but not necessarily with the malignant Phosphorus component…If this is so, then people should not immediately freak out that they have cancer if the salve reacts to something…of course this is just my opinion based on chemical analysis…Am I wrong?

How did you figure out the Grove Brain’n Body Part Chart?

Necessity is the Mother of Invention…(short answer-long answer-read my free books

I don’t understand the brain body part chart?

It’s the same as the little chart earlier in the comments-just I added what side of the body an element will likely be, that is the left right notes, then I added the brain parts that connect to which body part, & what side of the brain also an element will likely be in…The snakey line shows the flow or progression of elements from the top of the body to the bottom, or the front of the brain to the back…(the brain actually spirals in its flow like a snail…the Fibonacci spiral…) Brain research was my goal as a child…It seemed like the last frontier in medicine…

Free tiny versions of the 8 grove health science series books?

(link above)Here are tiny free downloadable versions of my so far 8 books(Grove health Science series)…Number 9 is in the works-it’s mostly on my blog right now, the research… ‪