JustAnswer Programmer report on diyimaging.com

We are troubleshooting errors occurring with the new diyimaging.com site…I spent the middle of last night, on JustAnswer, with two programmers, who attempted to see what was causing the errors in serving results images…

When I checked into this Cloudfront.net error, apparently it can be hijacked by companies trying to put third party advertising onto your site- when cloudfront.net is involved in serving picture result, that is when errors appear…

Here is a report by a programmer, & attached are error report images with the code involved in the errors…

“It looks like the other part of the puzzle is with your webpak/cloudfront.net … I am not sure how things are set up but it looks like cloudfront.net (amazon service that redirects HTML and JS traffic) and is either doing load balancing for your webpak scripts or hosting but the times there is a problem loading, the packets with errors are going thru cloudfront.net mostly. The packets show that java script is disabled if I saw the error but said error only happens when cloudfare is involved. The other times when I do get the image to render, no cloudfare packets. It is likely a misconfiguration by whomever is using cloudfront as their load balancing or hosting partnet. Your JS programmers or the webpack people would know who is sending traffic there and why. I would stress that part that when the image loads, no cloudfront, when it does not, cloudfront shows errors that I should be seeing instead of them passing them to me. (see attached image). 

When you get rid of these problems, your site will be able to function although these errors are preventing the page to load and thus I can not say that there are not any problems with the parts that did not get tested. Eitherway, the first and hopefully the only steps you have to take is to fix the items I mentioned. Nothing else can be done until then and you would likely not see any results from other remediation steps you take.

The good news is that they should be simple and not too costly to fix (if there is any cost at all). I hope this helps but please let me know if you need anything else.

Here is the first message from the programmer about a code problem:

projectx2501-PHD-DBA( his identification on the JustAnswer site)…


“Ok, it looks like the problem might be simple. The LP_Image link is a URL that is coded as an HTML. This will cause problems as my browser chickened out of loading the image since it saw an image but code/HTML instructions were received instead. This cause problems until eventually it loaded.

Error was:

“EventSource’s response has a MIME type (“text/html”) that is not “text/event-stream”. Aborting the connection.”

Here are the images of the site with error codes…


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