TCHP Chemo

animals are people too
Animals are people too!




For my husband, a song by Kenny G, “loving you from a distance?”

LSD in my inks
LSD on my paperwork green, edited in Photos…

Arrows line denote where there is a fold in the brain, in between the Pancreas & the Liver…You can fold your business card or the chart on the ARROWS line…Line of arrows…Also: 4 strands of DNA…DNA swirls like a curly ringlet of hair on a sheep…BDUF…Backwards, Downwards, Upwards, Forwards…Mnemonic…From top to bottom…BDUF…How DNA swirls or spins is called CHIRALITY…(Ki-rall-ity, how it rolls…”I’m on a roll now” song lyric, I’m an adult now, Pursuit of Happiness song by Moe Berg & friends…Tiffany rolling ring with eternity band!Gold is Au Aurum…!)

colours that are the same, in the circle colours, show up together really often, ie:Calcium & Molybdenum are like milk & beans! (see Peru)
dog, horse, deer, moose, elk
Portuguese water named Austin…Seen sideways(ie:not standing up on hind legs)!
elements are chromosomes
12 Minus, 12 Plus, equals 24 chromosomes or elements in a human…