Herxheimer, Skull back right Parietal lobe is front left lung & lymphs…(switchy)

Bugs are dead but will still magnetically gather by property to Phosphorus P centre

Light green is healthy tissue in Fotoflexer, Dark green is Phosphorus in Fotoflexer…

Skull right back side back top of head is female Occiptal lobe sugar sulphur S dominant…female symbology Circle with traditional cross (longer stem at bottom)…


When you see a flare of hair at back left side of head occipital lobe area top, that means the lady has been with a man…

Correction Sue at Salon $45 a haircut plus HST 13% = 55 dollars about, minus change for tip =50 bucks

A buck for a f—, a f— for a buck, & fifty bucks for a f-cked, up duck…! ( my cousin said that not me!)

KMH laboratory Edward

97.3 fm radio Hamilton,