Sorensen Communications Toronto-California, Interpreter # 7586, is Wonderful!

Sorensen Communications Toronto-California, Interpreter # 7586, is Wonderful! Sign Language interpretation…(spoken word to visual) is wonderful! Pyrantel Pamoate…

“The Acute & Long term adverse effects of Shock wave Lithotripsy” article, study…

‘PISD’…Post Infidelity Stress Disorder

Cone…Baseball player, phonetic “Cohen”, but some disappointed to find name was spelt “C-O-N-E”!

Italian…Put your fingers together, form arms into a circle, loop over head of person signing visually…(how to get a hearing impaired person to stop talking!)

PTSD=Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, Women’s College Hospital, 7th Floor, Dr. Valery Taylor, “Cardiologisticals”(a good heart these days is hard to find!)

CanadianOnlinePharmacy for Mebendazole(Vermox Russia) -7O -4K -1Zn , Albenza(Albendazole India) -4K -1Zn -7O , is wonderful!

FUSED by RAIN International instant coffee is wonderful! (grapeseed -7O, grapefruit seed -7O, pomegranate seed -7O, black cumin seed (+2Bi, -12Bo)

“mucoid plaque(dead worm)” Dr. Jay Keystone Head of Tropical Disease Unit 13th floor at Toronto General Hospital is wonderful! (an alive worm can be read by fluoroscopy)!
Carbon C-5

Light Mineral oil into ear squeegee to soften block after dilute black salve washed in!
credit:Rexall medical clinic Dr. Tan(past credit:Castor Oil C-5 Naturopathy Acupuncturist Osteopath Scollard Street & Hazelton Avenue) at Eglinton & Bathurst
debits:New drug to stop diarrhea from antibiotics can only be sourced from Health Canada certified physicians & surgeons FRCA OHIP MD …debits:female physician gave Shingles vaccine to symptomatic patient, patient got shingles(H Hydrogen H+6) of the Torus(dolphin shaped mouth at lower palate)!
credit:Rosedale Dental Clinic cleaned teeth which causes holes & tears in gums which caused Hydrogen +6 reaction to occur & attracted semi-alive shingles(H Hydrogen H+6) worm…Note: H Hydrogen H+6 may indicate alcoholism…

Radioactive Seed Localisation(Zn Zinc-1 at North York General Hospital(near to Ikea experience)…Dr. Barbara Mederski Infectious Disease Unit(infectious means Alive worm)

Numbers beside elements from the Periodic table of Elements indicate relative strength of each element…ie: Copper Cu-9
Minus- , Plus+


(Biography chatter:from my Author Central page on Amazon-Grove Health Science is a series of 12 books now!) Hi...I'm Sari Grove...Sari sounds like Mary...Grove is the last name I took from my husband, 'cause it is a really nice name, & he was very very good looking, & I married him, & my maiden name, the name I grew up with, was "Slatt", which could be turned into all sorts of unfortunate words, which is why when I was looking for a mate, I sought someone with a cool last name...(I cannot tell you how many totally worthy men I had to ignore due to their last names being unmelodic or otherwise unsuitable...) Grove Canada is a pen name, mostly because when I needed a web address, I could not get or even, so I just got GroveCanada, due to a serious lack of imagination in that moment...It stuck, so I still use it...I thought this time, if I used Grove Canada as a pen name, that maybe you might look up my blog online, at, & enjoy the freshness of getting information from the horse's mouth, up to the minute, rather than the instant obsoleteness that a book creates...Like a car depreciates as soon as you buy it-a book is old as soon as it is published...For a Virgo perfectionist, this inability to easily update, with a new chapter, with new research, causes me constant worrisome self-abnegating, consternation... I use those dot dot dot things, the etcetera symbol, at the end of my sentences, as a habit-you will always know it is me writing, you will always pause at the end of a sentence to think for a moment, you will remember that poetry is beautiful, & you will take everything I say with a giant grain of Pink Himalayan salt(since the grammatical error will irk you into that state of skepticism)! Love & Hugs, Sari ps. I became a Christian at the age of 21, which may seem like a non sequitur, & though my faith is decent my works may not really do justice to that title-but I thought I'd mention it, since my first name Sari always seems to force an assumption about my background-and though you would be right to assume that it tends to be a Jewish name, you might not be right in assuming that that is what I am going to sound like when I expound on some of my karmic principles or other ethical compasses I have developed...Not that I have done away with my past, it is just I have iced the cake with the new updated version-so if you wrong me, I may just turn the other cheek(New), instead of doing the eye for an eye thing back at you!(old)...

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