Triple Negative means pretty clear Liver, Adrenal Gland, Spleen…(but)Heart, Kidneys, Pancreas:Needs some Work! 

This was a good article(link above) on the differences chemically between Er+ & so on & the more aggressive rarer types…If you want to skim read it: the triple negatives tend to have higher choline & higher glutamate levels…Think cholesterol & Glutens…So extra focus for those people on things like Frankincense & Oils/baking soda…”Metabolic Presentation of Triple Negative Breast Cancer”… (Er+ people just have high Phosphorus(as well as other normal cancer markers) which is addressed by Coppers such as Yerba Mate or the Matcha tea for example…)

Metabolic characterization of triple negative breast cancer

Triple Negative means pretty clear Liver, Adrenal Gland, Spleen…(but)Heart, Kidneys, Pancreas:Needs some Work!

More:just reading a medical paper about molecules in triple negative breast cancer versus triple positive…The triple positive over express in choline( think egg yolks), & glutamate( think glutens)…So to add to your approach you could target if you haven’t already-choline by using Titaniums like Frankincense or hulled hemp seeds…For glutamates use Carbons like all oils or baking soda…Clove oil or clove powder would also hit choline…


They often call Licorice root ” glycyrrhizin” when referring to it in clinical trials…One study mentions that 92% of breast cancer cell lines do respond to it, including the more aggressive types like triple negative breast cancers…From what I have read, & I do & will read more, the more aggressive ” negative” types are not truly completely ” negative” insofar as they do still respond partially to treatments that work for the much more common 80% or more triple positives…It appears the more aggressive types have extra markers like choline cholesterol, glutamate glutens, sugars, & the cobalt B12 family…I think even the terminology triple negative is misleading because it implies that standard anti cancer detox care like Iodine, Manganese, & Copper, won’t be applicable or help…But studies show traditional approaches do help partially, it is just that there are other markets that need also to be addressed…What I am saying is that the more aggressive cancers have more markers that need to be addressed…That the aggressive ones respond, but that one has to cover more bases…


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