edit/update on March 14, 2022 6:15 am : Harumph, well this page didn’t work hahah apparently Lewis Howes, in his school of life school, is offering book for sale called ‘ON FAILURE’-so, I guess I win-this page is an Epic Fail & lo & behold the first one you probably go to look at cause it is found if you go to the upper left hand corner tp the menu word called Blog! so yay, fail, I guess I get high marks in the school of life! Yay! (ps. please ignore me when I have not had breakfast yet-and someone please make this code do what it was supposed to do when I stuck it there two years ago-woman splain-2 years ago March 11 (elven ish)-2020-they declared a disease was causing a pandemic-so I hid lol! we are now 2 years later-I am resurfacing now!!! ps. my name is sari in case you forgot! (for now I have HOTlinked the code stuff to go to OUR school called NIDI academy (the)-go there to see a cherry picked type sorting of information from this blog

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