( Answer from Sari Grove):I didn’t do lumpectomy…Raw plant based diet, walking 2 hours daily, those were the big changes…My goal was to turn the lump benign…Shrinking it is a different goal…My theory was that if Phosphorus was the differential between malignant & benign, & if Coppers antagonize Phosphorus, I just needed a good absorbable Copper herb to eat the Cancer & render lump benign…I used Licorice root ( extract at first) to act as my Copper( it is like caffeine in practice, another Copper)…I developed my own diagnostic imaging to see the phosphorus, so I could determine if it was working…It did…Later I combined Licorice root herb, Madagascar periwinkle herb( Vinpocetine which acts like iodine), & Mugwort herb( Manganese lowers Iron), to address the main components of a tumour…1/3 cup each with enough water to cover, simmer 15 minutes, drink…That was my inexpensive DIY Chemo…It worked, & I am now the proud owner of a benign lump…Still trying to figure out how to get rid of it, as the black salving doesn’t work on benign…More on my site- my free books are there- DIY Cancer repair manual, also RepoWoman, & more…Here http://www.grovecanada.ca ( eventually it will get organized better, sorry…)

Here is the raw diet I did…%22My Raw Food Diet Cure%22